2015 Angies List Super Service Award Winner Mold Removal Company NJ


A Message from the owner: “We did it again! 3 years in a row!! Winners of the prestigious Angie’s List Super Service Award.”

Considering that less than 5% of companies across the Country earn this award – it’s a gigantic honor to have earned it… 3 YEARS IN A ROW!

As the owner of a small (but growing) business, I stress about virtually everything. My days are filled with worries about everything from the smallest spelling error in an estimate, to website rankings to the safety of my employees. I wonder if clients are happy and truly feel safe after we remediate their properties. I think about budgets and insurance and schedules. I stress over gas prices and vehicle maintenance fees and paperwork.

But what I don’t worry about – is my employees. Sewage filled crawlspaces, 2-foot-tall attic spaces, flooded basements, blood-filled vehicles, mold covered rooms… nothing phases them. They just get it done without complaint (for the most part). They show up early and leave late and handle everything I throw at them, and that’s rare.

It wasn’t too long ago that I was an employee working for a service company. I swore back then that if I ever got the chance to own a business, and have my own employees, that I would take care of those who took care of me. So this award belongs to them, the guys and girls who shovel 8-foot-high piles of human feces and urine out of hoarding homes, who peel back and bag blood and body fluid-covered mattresses, who accidentally pick up a box of live grenades, who trudge through flooded, moldy basements and who crawl through poop, bugs, spider webs, filth and grime – for the safety and well being of our Clients.

Thank you to my small family of dedicated employees.

Tom Duff, Owner – Mastertech Environmental

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