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Author: MasterTech

Mold Myths VS Mold Facts: Part 2

There is a lot of misinformation out there about mold. It is a relatively new problem plaguing homeowners and the science behind it is new and ever-changing. Some misconceptions have led to mold being down-played and the need for professional help minimized. However, on the other end, some misconceptions completely exaggerate the mold development and […]

Benefits of a Dehumidifier: Crawl Space

Crawl spaces are naturally prone to moisture buildup, with humidity and condensation problems being at the top of the list of the most common moisture sources. Damp crawl spaces can lead to various problems: indoor air quality concerns, structural damage, pest infestations, high energy consumption and general discomfort. A properly rated crawl space dehumidifier can […]

Benefits of a Professional NJ Mold Inspection

Musty odors? Suspicious discoloration or stain? Or perhaps, your property has recently suffered from moisture problems (i.e: leaks, flooding, humidity, etc.). It could be mold. The only way to know for certain is by contacting a certified mold inspector to have your home or business properly inspected for mold. When it comes to mold, timing is […]

Dealing with a Death or Crime Scene Cleanup

The interviews are over, law enforcement and investigators are wrapping up, and they will release the “scene” soon. You are probably long overdue for some time to properly grieve and find a way to move forward, but traumatic events like major accidents, deaths and crime often leave behind blood and other bodily fluids that require […]

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