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Category: Mold Inspection

Benefits of a Professional NJ Mold Inspection

Musty odors? Suspicious discoloration or stain? Or perhaps, your property has recently suffered from moisture problems (i.e: leaks, flooding, humidity, etc.). It could be mold. The only way to know for certain is by contacting a certified mold inspector to have your home or business properly inspected for mold. When it comes to mold, timing is […]

Do I Have Mold In My Home?

It does not take much for mold to develop. As long as there is an adequate moisture source, dead organic matter, and warm temperatures, that is enough to cause and sustain mold development. The nature of mold allows it to grow on virtually any surface in your home. In some cases, mold growth is quite […]

Holiday Storage Mold: Basement, Attic or Crawl Space Mold

All the bright lights and cheerful carols or mean one thing, it is holiday season. Between decorating and gift wrapping, we are finally breaking into the archives for our holiday supplies. Weather your holiday supplies are stored in your attic, basement, crawl space, or elsewhere, chances are that you have not seen or touched that […]

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