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Category: Mold Removal

Prevent Mold After a Flood in New Jersey

Flooding in your home can be the consequence of various major water events (i.e.: natural disaster, major leaks, heavy rainfall, etc.). Serious flooding can leave your New Jersey home or business especially vulnerable to mold development. As cleanup efforts begin, be sure to bear in mind the potential risks for mold growth and be on […]

Mold Myths VS Mold Facts: Part 2

There is a lot of misinformation out there about mold. It is a relatively new problem plaguing homeowners and the science behind it is new and ever-changing. Some misconceptions have led to mold being down-played and the need for professional help minimized. However, on the other end, some misconceptions completely exaggerate the mold development and […]

How to Remove Mold from Houseplants and Soil

Every home can benefit from the addition of a houseplant or two. Not only do plants elevate your interior decor, but plants also provide natural air purification. However, plants and gardens require attention and regular maintenance. Houseplants can easily fall victim to mold development. However, if you discover mold growing on your plant or in […]

Do I Have Mold In My Home?

It does not take much for mold to develop. As long as there is an adequate moisture source, dead organic matter, and warm temperatures, that is enough to cause and sustain mold development. The nature of mold allows it to grow on virtually any surface in your home. In some cases, mold growth is quite […]

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