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  • Frozen Attic in Southern New Jersey: Cause & Prevention

    It’s so Cold, my Attic Froze Over How has the year 2018 been thus far? COLD, to say the least. The exceptionally harsh weather conditions over the last couple of…

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  • How to Handle a Sewage Backup in NJ

    If you and your family are fortunate enough to have never experienced a sewage backup in your NJ home… Yes, a sewage backup is exactly as awful it sounds. Some…

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  • What To Do After A Flood

    31 August 2017Water Damage

    When faced with the aftermath of a flood, quick and immediate action becomes the key component in protecting your home from further damage. Immediately following a flood, there is a…

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  • Signs of Indoor Moisture Problems in New Jersey

    14 July 2017Prevention, Water Damage

    Once water is loose indoors, it can flow anywhere and cause all kinds of damage to your building materials. Water can wreak havoc on your home or business if it…

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  • Warning Signs of a NJ Sewage Leak or Sewage Backup

    30 June 2017Sewage Cleanup, Water Damage

    Symptoms of a Potential Sewage Problem in Your NJ Home Sewage– we’re all thinking it, “Gross, mushy poop particles floating around in questionable liquids.” The last thing any of us…

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  • Prevent Mold After a Flood in New Jersey

    Flooding in your home can be the consequence of various major water events (i.e.: natural disaster, major leaks, heavy rainfall, etc.). Serious flooding can leave your New Jersey home or…

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  • Dealing with Frozen Pipes in New Jersey: Prevention and Solution

    9 January 2017Prevention, Water Damage

    As temperatures drop, your pipes grow more and more vulnerable to cracks and ruptures. Water is unique in that it expands when it freezes, unlike most materials that contract with…

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  • Prevent Basement Flooding In New Jersey

    5 January 2017Prevention, Water Damage

    Your basement can be very useful and important to you and your family. Whether it has been renovated into a livable space or used simply for storage, you d o…

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  • Prepare for Winter Storms: Home Safety Tips

    27 December 2016Prevention, Safety Tips, Water Damage

    Depending on severity, winter storms can be very dangerous to you, your family, and your home. Snow, sleet, ice, strong winds, and extremely low temperatures during a New Jersey winter…

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  • Beware of Roof Damage: Signs of New Jersey Roof Damage

    1 December 2016Prevention, Water Damage

    When it comes to your roof, you want to get the longest use out of it as possible. Because, let’s face it, a new roof is expensive. Regular maintenance and…

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  • Warning Signs of A Foundation Problem

    22 November 2016Prevention, Water Damage

    The Importance of A Well Maintained NJ Home Foundation Your foundation provides the base to your whole home, and it establishes the structural support for the rest of the building….

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  • Prevent Home Water Damage While Away For The Holidays

    18 November 2016Prevention, Water Damage

    The holiday season, between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, sees the highest influx in traveling. Whether you are going away to have obligatory Thanksgiving dinner at your in-laws, returning home…

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  • Identifying Signs of Hidden Water Damage

    3 November 2016Water Damage

    The nature of water allows it to travel to and seep into virtually anywhere once it is loose. Water can wreak havoc on your home or business if it collects…

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  • Bathroom Mold In Your NJ Home– Tips for Prevention and Removal

    27 October 2016Mold Removal, Prevention, Water Damage

    Bathrooms of New Jersey home are fantastic breeding grounds for mold. There is often an abundance of moisture, it is typically dark and dank, and bathrooms tend to collect plenty…

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  • Avoiding Major Water Damage During the Fall and Winter Seasons

    Major water damage is both stressful and expensive to properly resolve. Untreated water intrusion compromises the structural integrity of your home, and it can lead to major mold development. As…

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  • Last Minute Hurricane Prep Tips

    14 September 2016Prevention, Safety Tips, Water Damage

    Now that it is September and we are heading into the last couple of months of hurricane season in the U.S Northeast, it is important to refresh ourselves with some…

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  • What is a crawl space vapor barrier? Do I need one?

    20 July 2016Prevention, Water Damage

    If your home or business is on a crawl space with a dirt floor, a properly installed vapor barrier can be the solution to a number of common problems. You…

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  • Cleaning up after a flood

    6 July 2016Water Damage

    Restoring your home as quickly as possible will be important in order to protect your health and prevent further damage to the house and its contents. Floods are terrible and…

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  • How To Prevent Major Sewer Leaks in Your NJ Home

    18 May 2016Water Damage

    Signs of Sewage Problems in Your NJ Home Sewage leaks in your New Jersey home can be a costly problem, both financially and health-wise. It is an uncomfortable topic of…

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  • How To Prevent Mold and Water Damage in Rain

    This uncharacteristic rain, we have been getting this season, has created the ideal breeding ground for… you guessed it… MOLD! All the excess moisture allows the perfect opportunity for mold…

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