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Dealing with a Death or Crime Scene Cleanup


The interviews are over, law enforcement and investigators are wrapping up, and they will release the “scene” soon. You are probably long overdue for some time to properly grieve and find a way to move forward, but traumatic events like major accidents, deaths and crime often leave behind blood and other bodily fluids that require proper cleanup. As if the event itself has not been overwhelming enough, you need to find a way to cleanup after it now. Do not deal with death, trauma, or crime scene cleanups in New Jersey on your own. Let the professionals help.

There are strict and specific regulations that govern how to safely handle biohazards.

Blood and other bodily fluids are considered biohazards that can carry bacteria and pathogens that are hazardous to human health. Biohazards should be handled by trained and certified professionals who specialize in the safe and proper transfer and disposal of hazardous material. Additionally, returning to the contaminated scene will be trauma enough, a full cleanup can take quite an emotional toll on those left behind.


Benefits of Scheduling a Professional Biohazard Cleanup NJ

It is unsafe and emotionally overwhelming to take on the task of a death, trauma, or crime scene cleanup on your own. Contact a professional biohazard cleanup company in New Jersey who will quickly, safely and discreetly restore the NJ property back to its pre-incident condition.

  • Avoid addition emotional stress— Blood cleanup can be traumatizing to some individuals, especially if you are personally invested in the situation.
    • Professional death and crime scene cleanup companies in NJ are especially trained to handle such sensitive cases.
    • The staff at Mastertech understands the shock and grief and have been trained to respond with respect, discretion and compassion.
    • To ensure you, your family, and/or your business the necessary privacy, our company vehicles are discreetly branded, and we enforce a strict non-disclosure policy.
  • Ensure safety and prevent health risks— It is so important to keep in mind how dangerous blood and other bodily fluids can be if you come into contact with it without the appropriate protection.
    • Blood and bodily fluids carry various pathogens, bacteria and diseases.
    • Without the proper training or equipment, you may be exposing yourself to various health risks if you choose to take on the task of cleanup on your own.
    • The Mastertech Biohazard Cleanup Team is fully trained and equipped with the necessary skills and protective gear to safely and effectively complete a thorough blood cleanup in NJ.
  • Proper Removal and Disposal— Unfortunately, when it comes to blood, cleanup is not as simple as scrubbing the area down.
    • In some cases porous materials cannot be effectively cleaned once it has been contaminated with blood and will need to be removed, transported and disposed.
    • For example, contaminated carpet and textiles are typically non-salvageable and will require professional removal and disposal.
    • Mastertech technicians are trained and certified to safely extract, transport and properly dispose of biohazards and contaminated materials.
  • Reduce Property Damage— If blood and other bodily fluids are not thoroughly removed in a timely manner, it can permeate through porous materials (like flooring, walls, etc.) and lead to additional property damage.
    • A quick and efficient cleanup will help to limit the amount of property damage
    • Mastertech is available for 24/7 emergency response with technicians ready for dispatch immediately after a call. Our team will work quickly and efficiently to restore the property back to its pre-incident condition before the damage worsens.


Mastertech Environmental provides 24/7 emergency biohazard cleanup services in New Jersey. We are here to help relieve the burden of a stressful NJ death cleanup from family, friends, and those closest to the situation.

Mastertech has the necessary certifications, permits, equipment and qualified staff to safely address the cleanup of any traumatic or hazardous situation. Our expertise is not limited by place of incident. We can safely and effectively clean anywhere: inside or outside, in vehicles, residences, or commercial properties. Our team is fully trained and experienced in the handling of blood-borne pathogens, and our technicians utilize personal protection gear to extract and properly dispose of biohazards and dangerous chemicals.

If you have been left with an overwhelming clean up following a death, crime, or trauma incident. You do not have to take on the cleanup task alone.

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At Mastertech, we are sensitive to the concerns and emotions of those who may be present at the cleanup scene. They may have questions or fears, or may simply need a sympathetic smile and comforting word. Our staff understands the shock and grief they are feeling, and responds with respect, discretion and genuine concern. Easing both the physical and the psychological burden of tragedy and trauma cleanup, we are proud to partner with New Jersey home and business owners in need of compassionate, skilled property restoration.

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