Flu Disinfection for N.J. Schools and Buildings

Flu Virus Disinfection and Prevention in New Jersey Schools

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The Flu Virus is spreading rapidly amongst children and adults alike in New Jersey schools and public buildings. The ease at which it spreads is one of the reasons more and more people are contracting the dangerous illness. In fact, anyone within 6 feet of a sick person can contract the illness. Proper cleanup, complete disinfection and regular cleaning protocol are the best ways to minimize and prevent the spread of this horrible illness.

Professional Flu Disinfection and Cleanup for NJ Schools and Public Buildings

Since the flu can remain on surfaces for some time, proper disinfection – and more importantly, long-term residual disinfection and prevention is important. MasterTech’s flu, virus and bacterial disinfection process includes physical removal and destruction of germs and virus’s. Once the surfaces and rooms are cleaned, we apply long term, residual disinfectants that continue killing the flu virus and other germs and bacteria.


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Mastertech’s professional Flu Disinfection Team provides fast, safe and discreet flu disinfection and sanitization for New Jersey schools & public buildings.

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