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Hoarding Cleanup New Jersey


Hoarding Cleanup New Jersey

We provide hoarding services in New Jersey for many different circumstances. You may have a loved one with a hoarding problem that needs help which is why Mastertech can aid in a cleanup which can be emotional for the affected person. You may also have inherited a New Jersey property that was owned by a hoarder in which it is recommended cleanup be dealt by a professional company. We discretely do cleanups and also provide help by recommending counselors or doctors as it can be traumatic for any affected individuals.

Have a hoarding situation that needs immediate attention? Let us help!

Why let professionals do a hoarding cleanup in NJ? Often times depending on the circumstance there may be instances of bodily fluids, feces, rodents and other materials that are deemed hazardous and would require handling by our team of trained removal experts as proper sanitation is key. Our cleaning materials are environmentally friendly and we also salvage any items you may want to keep and any other items would be donated to charity. If you suspect a family member of a hoarding issue in NJ that needs attention then give us a call and we would be happy to talk to you and assess the type of hoarding cleanup that is necessary.

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