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Meet The Team

Tom Duff
Founder & CEO

Tom rescues English bulldogs, rides his motorcycle, plays guitar and brews craft beers. At Mastertech he loves being able to help people through tough times and making someone's home or business safe and healthy again. Tom also loves the combination of good coffee and cheese curls.

Operations Manager

Diane enjoys cooking and spending time with her cat. She loves Mastertech because it is a company that takes pride in hard work and quality work, without compromising the client's best interest. Diane also speaks fluent Chinese.

Project Manager

Mark enjoys spending spending time with family and watching the Philadelphia Eagles on Sundays. He enjoys the new challenges of every job he has here at Mastertech and is constantly learning new techniques in his field. Mark likes to put mayonnaise on his tacos over sour cream.

Project Manager

Tony enjoys spending time with his family. He loves the positive work environment when he is managing projects at Mastertech. Tony also likes putting extra mayonnaise on his tacos with sour cream also.


Rich likes to stay active, and he enjoys spending time with his family. He is proud to be on the MasterTech Team because it's the best group of individuals he's ever worked with. Rich is a huge Yankees fan.


Wayne enjoys spending time with his family and watching sports (football is his favorite). He thrives off the positive work environment that the MasterTech Team is all about and the pride everyone takes in the work each day. When Wayne was 16 years old, he met his favorite football player, Brian Dawkins.

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