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Mold Removal Monmouth County NJ

mold removal monmouth county nj

Mold Removal, Mold Inspection Monmouth County, NJ

Mastertech can help your Monmouth County, NJ home or business with a mold inspection to determine if spores are present. We conduct air samples and test for the quality of your indoor air and find if there is anything going on at high or elevated levels that would be harmful to human health.

A mold inspection in Ocean County, NJ is the first step in discovering if there is or isn’t a problem.

Mold isn’t always visual and can be hidden in-between walls and carpet.

Our mold inspector will give you a detailed report upon completion of an inspection that will go over findings and results of air quality tests. The next phase would then be coming up with a mold removal plan to suit your particular property and extent of the damage. Addressing mold removal in Salem County, NJ is something that should be done in a reasonable time frame to prevent cross contamination and continued growth.

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