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When Do I Need Professional Mold Remediation?

With high humidity and an influx of hurricanes and heavy rains, homes and businesses in this area are more likely to get mold – than not. One of the most popular questions from clients is “how do I get rid of the mold?” Although I spend time each week consulting people by phone and face to face, sometimes mold removal is best left to the professionals. Our rule of thumb is an area approximately 10’X10′ can usually be cleaned by a homeowner as long as they follow our advice. And even an area that size in a crawlspace or attic can be challenging for homeowners. In any case, finding the source of moisture or water that caused the mold to develop is key. Even a perfectly performed mold remediation can come undone if moisture remains – so finding and fixing it is very important. Sometimes, it’s a simple fix like a downspout extension that keeps water out of your property. Other times, humidity is the culprit and the only fix is a basement dehumidifier. In many cases, only a mold remediation professional can track down moisture sources and make recommendations on repairs. To sum it up, if you are uncomfortable tackling any sized area of mold contamination, hire a professional that you can trust. It’s not worth your health and it’s definitely not worth doing it wrong.

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