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basement mold remediation service in south jerseyBasement Mold Remediation in South Jersey

Mold plays a vital role in the ecosystem, and for the most part, normal levels of mold in an outdoor environment are completely harmless. When it begins to thrive in excess in an indoor environment, exceeding outdoor levels, is when mold becomes a problem. Mold is opportunistic, and it will thrive anywhere that it is provided with warmth, moisture & a food source. Unfortunately, many basements in South Jersey homes provide this environment for mold to develop. Your basement is one of the most common areas in your South Jersey home to experience indoor mold development. Many basements suffer from improper ventilation, insufficient drainage & poor air circulation. Even the slightest amount of excess moisture, such as elevated indoor humidity levels, can be the catalyst for a full blown mold problem in your basement. Let’s take a closer look at some of the more common causes for basement mold in South Jersey:

  • Improper ventilation & poor air circulation
  • Condensation 
  • Humidity levels exceeding 50% 
  • Foundation issues/water leaking through foundation walls 
  • Flooding

Dealing With Mold Growth In South Jersey 

If you are concerned about a mold problem in your basement, it is important that you know what to look for. Educating yourself on basement mold remediation is the best thing you can do to minimize damage as much as possible. You should also be researching local professional mold remediation companies in your South Jersey area so that you know who to call if you discover basement mold. A certified mold inspector will be able to thoroughly assess your basement for mold & determine whether or not mold growth is present, the extent of the damage, the source of the mold development, and how to properly remove the mold and prevent it from returning. Conversely, in the event that mold is not found within your basement, the benefits of a mold inspection are still helpful. A mold inspector will be able to identify conditions within your basement that could be conducive to mold growth in the future, as well as tips on how to prevent this from happening. 

What Happens During A Mold Remediation? 

In any proper mold remediation, there are three core components. It is important that the source of contamination is identified, containment is set up around the contaminated area, and all contaminated materials are either thoroughly cleaned or disposed of. 

  • basement mold on foundation walls Source Identification: In order to ensure a successful basement mold remediation, the source of the issue must be eradicated. Without a moisture source, there would be no mold issue to begin with. It’s important to identify & fix the source of moisture intrusion as the top priority in a mold remediation. You can do everything right, but if you don’t eliminate the moisture source, mold is going to come right back. 
  • Containment: Before any mold remediation work takes place, it is imperative to carefully isolate the contaminated areas. Basement mold remediation technicians should be highly skilled in containing & isolating the areas of concern with appropriate barriers & covers, reducing the risk of cross-contamination to unaffected areas. 
  • Remediation & Disposal: In most cases, mold is able to be effectively removed from porous building materials without the use of toxic cleaning agents. However there are some severe cases of mod damage where some building materials may not be able to be effectively cleaned. Technicians should be properly trained in the most advanced removal & disposal techniques for non-salvageable, contaminated building materials.

Potential Dangers of Basement Mold Growth 

Basement mold growth can do some serious damage to the structure of your South Jersey property. Additionally, it has the potential to lead to severe health consequences for those with sensitivities. If there is significant mold development in your home, it needs to be properly remediated as soon as possible before it continues to spread. A professional basement mold remediation company local to your South Jersey area will be able to effectively remove & dispose of not only the contaminated materials, but the source of the mold itself. 


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