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Mold Inspections and Mold Removal Elk NJ

Neglected mold concerns can worsen and wreak havoc on your property. Mold has a nasty reputation of causing a multitude of health problems and severely deteriorating property value. In addition, the water damage will lead to serious structural damage to the building.

If you think you have discovered mold in your Elk, NJ home or business, consider calling a professional NJ mold removal company. A trustworthy specialist will be equipped with the necessary and appropriate skills and tools to properly address all your mold concerns.

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Certified Mold Inspection Elk NJ

Do you detect signs of mold development in your residential or commercial Elk, NJ property? You should consider hiring a certified professional to conduct a Elk, NJ mold inspection. During a mold inspection, a certified MasterTech mold inspector will complete a visual assessment to identify any conditions that can promote mold growth. Where is mold, there is an underlying water problem. With the use of moisture meters and thermal imaging readers, your inspector will be able to isolate any damp building materials and map where the water source begins and ends. If necessary, samples can be collected for scientific analysis.

Benefits Of A Professional Mold Inspection Elk NJ:

  1. Prove or disprove mold existence
  2. Determine the full capacity of the mold development
  3. Diagnose the water source
  4. Understand how much water damage is present
  5. Develop the most appropriate scope of work for your specific needs

When it comes to mold, our team understands and appreciates the risk that you and your family are up against. That is why we have made every effort to meticulously train each of our technicians to handle all cases swiftly and efficiently while remaining mindful of you and you family’s safety and best interest.

Safe & Effective Mold Removal Elk NJ

When it comes to mold remediation, doing the job wrong and mean serious consequences. An improper mold remediation can lead to cross-contamination to previously clean areas, additional property damage and expensive repairs to correct the original remediation. The key to getting the job done right the first time is all in the mold removal process. There is no cutting corners. At MasterTech Environmental, our mold removal technicians follow our complete cleanup process without compromise. 

At the core of every mold remediation there are 3 main priorities:

  1. Causation: The key to a successful mold remediation in Elk, NJ is finding the source of the underlying water problems and appropriately resolving them. Each mold remediation should include preventative measures to be implemented to avoid future moisture problems and mold regrowth.
  2. Containment: The nature of mold makes it easy for microscopic spores to become airborne and travel to unaffected areas. This puts your Elk, NJ home at great risk for cross contamination, which will only make your existing mold problems worse. Prior to starting the remediation, our technicians will set up containment barriers around all areas of concern. This will  prevent the chance of cross contamination.
  3. Cleaning & Disposal: Most mold can be safely removed from most surfaces of your Elk, NJ home without the use of toxic agents. In some, more aggressive, mold cases, contaminated materials may be non-salvageable and will require safe removal and appropriate disposal. MasterTech technicians are trained in the most advanced techniques for the safest, most effective, and most efficient removal and disposal of moldy materials.

The Mastertech Mold Remediation Process Elk NJ


5-Year Mold Remediation Warranty Elk NJ

The only safe and effective approach to handling a mold situation is REMOVAL. Be careful not to get lulled into some half-cocked mold “treatment” pitch. All too frequently, we hear about “professionals” who claim to be able “treat” the mold with one application of this chemical or with one coat of this kind of paint. The reality is that mold “treatment” does not mean removal. Mold roots are embedded deep within porous building materials. If the roots are not actively removed, even if the mold grows dormant and seemingly “dead” or  “gone”, it will inevitably return and spread.

When it comes to mold remediation and mold removal Elk NJ, the process is key. There is no cutting corners. Our specially trained mold removal technicians follow our complete 12-step mold cleanup process without compromise. This is the only way to ensure that the job is done right the first time. When it comes to mold, an unsuccessful mold remediation can mean potential health risks, additional property damage and a costlier repair. At Mastertech, our mold removal team is committed to completing a safe and effective mold remediation the first time. As proof of that, we back every mold remediation with a 5-year mold removal warranty. 

If you suspect mold development in your home or business, you might need professional mold removal Elk NJ. Call us today to schedule an appointment with our inspector. For mold removal and mold inspection in Glassboro, NJ or mold removal and mold inspection in Swedesboro, NJ call 1-609-948-8844.

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