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Mold Removal, Mold Inspection Somerdale, NJ

The average Somerdale, NJ home or business owner is not equipped with the necessary skills or tools to properly tackle a mold problem, should one develop. The unfamiliar nature of heavy mold buildup can leave residential and commercial property owners feeling overwhelmed. Taking the time to do your research to find a trustworthy certified mold professional will help to make the process a little easier.

The most effective way to protect your family and property from further damages and costlier repairs is to complete a professional Somerdale, NJ mold inspection immediately. Even if you are unsure if it is actually mold, a reputable mold professional will be able to help you make that differentiation and provide you with a peace of mind.

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Mold Inspections in Somerdale, NJ:

  • Accurately prove or disprove mold presence
  • Identify the full capacity of the mold activity
  • Isolate the water source promoting the mold development
  • Prescribe an appropriate mold remediation solution

When it comes to mold, MasterTech’s certified team understands and appreciates the risk that you and your family are up against. That is why we have made every effort to carefully train each of our technicians to handle all cases swiftly and efficiently while remaining mindful of you and you family’s safety and best interest. At MasterTech we are committed to providing quality and honest mold services with affordability in mind.  


Safest Mold Removal in Somerdale, NJ

Residential and commercial property owners in Somerdale, NJ often fear the use of harsh and dangerous chemicals during a mold remediation. Chemically treated environments can be unpleasant and unsafe. MasterTech has taken all possible measures to ensure you and your family will be returning to a mold-free AND safe environment. For mold removal and mold remediation in Somerdale, NJ, we use the safest methods available in the industry today. Our certified experts are constantly researching newly developed mold removal methods, to ensure that our process stays the safest, most effective, and most up-to-date.

Right now, oxidative technology is the safest approach to mold removal. This method has transformed the mold removal business. Oxidative mold remediation harnesses oxidizing agents, surfactants and surface cleaners that target bio-contaminates found in our homes, schools and commercial buildings. This process has been proven to be more effective at removing bio-contaminants than any other remediation method available today. Not only is the process more effective, it is also environmentally safe. The process does not require the use of powerful pesticides and there are no dangerous residual chemicals or heavy metals remaining after remediation.


Mold Remediation Process in Somerdale, NJ

Every step of our New Jersey Mold Removal process is strategically put into place to ensure the safest and most effect mold remediation.

Containment: We place barriers around all areas of remediation to prevent cross-contamination.
Cover & Protect: Floors and belongings will be covered and protected throughout the remediation.
Air Filtration: HEPA-filtered air filtration devices maintain safe and clean air quality in your property.
HEPA Vacuum: HEPA-vacuums are used to remove all surface mold spores from all affected building materials.
Demolition & Removal: We will surgically remove and properly dispose all non-salvageable building materials.
Antimicrobial Application: An antimicrobial agent will be applied to destroy mold growth at the surface.
Mold Roots Removal: A concentrated hydrogen peroxide agent actively remove all embedded mold roots.
Scrub & Wipe Clean: All surfaces are scrubbed and wiped clean.
Re-HEPA Vacuum: HEPA-vacuuming is completed again to remove any remaining mold spores.
Mold-Proof Coating: A clear, mold-resistant coating is applied to help prevent future mold growth.
Confirm Cleanup: A post remediation inspection will be completed to ensure that the cleanup was successful.

Each MasterTech Mold Remediation is backed by a 5-year mold-free warranty. When it comes to mold, getting the job done right the first time is our standard. Our Mold Remediation Warranty  promises that the cleanup was successful and the mold will not grow back for at least 5 years.


If you suspect a mold problem in your NJ residential or commercial property, call MasterTech Environmental to schedule an appointment for a Camden County, NJ mold inspection or mold remediation.

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