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There are lots of reasons why local property managers in South Jersey rely on Mastertech Environmental for expert mold testing, mold inspections & mold remediation.

  • Fast Response Times
  • Fast Turnaround Times
  • Easy-to-understand Reports
  • Non-alarmist communications

Fast Response Time: Mold assessments can be scheduled quickly. We can typically schedule an appointment within 1-3 business days. 

Fast Results: Test results can be ready in as little as 24 hours. When we conduct surface sampling and air quality testing for mold, we collect the samples at the time of the initial inspection and send the samples out that same day. Lab reports are usually available within 1-2 business days.  

Easy to Understand: The last thing you or your tenant needs is a long-winded, difficult to read report that could cause a bunch of confusion, stress, and panic. Our reports are clear, concise and to the point. Our job is to honestly report what we find in an easy to understand manner. Basically — here is what is wrong, and here is how to make it right. 

Non-Alarmist: We are very matter-of-fact, honest and straightforward when reporting our findings. We do not believe in scare tactics, and we do not believe in minimizing problems either. If there is a problem, we will report it honestly and provide you with a recommended plan for a solution. We understand that managing tenant-reported mold can be a stressful ordeal for property managers and will be readily available to have any discussions you need and answer any questions along the way.

Did you tenant report mold? Call 609-948-8844 or Contact Us to schedule an inspection with a local mold inspector in South Jersey 

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Mold Inspection & Air Quality Testing for South Jersey Property Managers

Mastertech Environmental is a local mold inspection company in South Jersey providing property owners, property managers and landlords with the mold testing and assessment services needed when mold is uncovered in rental properties or tenant-occupied properties. Whether the property manager discovers it or a tenant reports it, mold can be a serious problem that causes property damage, diminished property value and can potentially make building occupants sick. If you are concerned about mold, the first step is to schedule a professional mold inspection with mold testing to get to the bottom of it.

Our detailed mold inspection services for residential and commercial properties include a detailed visual assessment, moisture mapping, thermal imaging, surface sampling and air quality testing for mold in tenant occupied properties. Each mold inspection includes a detailed lab report from a 3rd-party, accredited laboratory with the analysis of the samples. Your inspector will verbally decipher the lab analysis and answer any questions you may have. All assessments include detailed documentation, scientific analysis by accredited laboratory, and comprehensive inspection report with a clear explanation of the findings and recommendations. All findings are documented and presented in an honest and straightforward manner.

While not all tenant reported mold may be accurate or as severe as the tenant perceives — all reports should be taken seriously by the property manager or landlord. Most mold related issues can be fixed with the right mold remediation protocol, so you don’t have to panic and your tenant doesn’t have to panic. If Mastertech’s inspection confirms a mold problem, we will develop a scope of work for professional mold remediation. And, if the inspection reveals that there (in fact) isn’t a mold problem, we will document that as well and provide the lab report and inspection report needed to support those findings.

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Professional Mold Removal Services for Tenant-Reported Mold in a Rental Property

Mastertech’s local mold removal specialists in South Jersey provide safe, effective and guaranteed mold removal services for residential and commercial properties in Camden CountyGloucester County and Burlington County. For over a decade, our local mold remediation team has been working closely with South Jersey property managers, property owners and landlords to bring them the safe and thorough cleanup services needed when tenants report issues.

Unaddressed mold and moisture issues often worsen with time, professional mold remediation should be performed in a timely manner to protect your property value and protect your building occupants. Mastertech’s mold removal process was developed from years of industry experience, knowledge and research. The only effective solution for a mold problem is active removal under the proper HEPA-filtered containment.  Our process harnesses power surfactants and oxidative technology (coupled detailed HEPA vacuuming and scrubbing) to eliminate surface mold, remove embedded mold roots, and return a normal indoor air quality. All remediation projects are performed while under proper containment, and we set up the necessary air filtration to maintain a safe indoor air quality. Our specially trained technicians follow strict safety protocols and wear the necessary personal protective equipment while on the job.

Following a detailed cleanup, it is critical to get all the water issues repaired to prevent future recurrence. Mastertech’s remediation specialists will provide recommendations for the necessary moisture control and mold preventatives, so that you can maintain your property value and keep your tenants healthy.

Whether you know you have a mold problem in your property, or a tenant is reporting a potential issue — let Mastertech Environmental help.

For local property managers in the South Jersey area, call 609-948-8844 or Contact our office in Blackwood NJ to get started

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