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Mastertech Environmental provides safe, effective and discreet hoarding cleanup services throughout Gloucester County NJ, Camden County NJ, Burlington County NJ and surrounding South Jersey counties. Safely and efficiently restoring a property to its pre-hoarding condition is a difficult task that can be both physically and emotionally overwhelming. Our specially trained hoarding cleanup professionals are here to help relieve the burden for family, friends and those closest to the situation. Our cleanup team is carefully trained to be sensitive to the concerns and emotions of those who may be present at the cleanup scene. More importantly, each member of our team is trained to act with compassion, patience and discretion as we safely and effectively restore your New Jersey property.

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Hoarding Problems in NJ Properties

Hoarding is considered a compulsive behavior that is characterized by the excessive acquisition of objects (mostly useless or of limited value) and the extreme resistance to discarding any of the objects. Often times, the hoarder perceives a need to save the objects and become highly distressed at the mere thought of potentially discarding his/her “valued” possessions. The relentless accumulation of possessions leads to a gravely cluttered home that renders parts of the home inaccessible and useless for the intended purposes. Compulsive hoarding ranges from mild to severe. In mild cases, the behavior has little to no impact on the sufferer’s day to day. However, in other, more serious cases, the behavior can seriously hinder the sufferer’s ability to function on a day-to-day basis, put a major strain on interpersonal relationships and lead to alarming health and sanitation concerns.

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More often than not, hoarders will collect items that are seemingly useless or have limited value. Depending on the suffer’s specific compulsions, it can also mean an excessive accumulation of animals, trash and various other debris. The abundance of towering stuff makes the property a physically dangerous environment. Excessive clutter puts undue stress on the structural integrity of the building, creates a fire hazard and increases the risk of personal injury. Additionally, uncovering a hoarding situation can mean facing various underlying problems that have been hidden behind closed doors for so long. Cleanup can mean coming into contact with various contaminants and bio-hazards like mold, bodily fluid, feces and various other hazardous material.


Getting Professional Hoarding Cleanup Help in Southern New Jersey

Hoarding situations can mean safety risks, sanitation concerns and emotional stress. Mastertech Environmental is here to help. Our hoarding cleanup technicians undergo extensive training to ensure the property is safely and effectively restored to its pre-hoarding condition. Our team will methodically remove and discard non-salvageable items (trash, broken and unusable items, items that are bio-contaminated or no longer wanted). We will carefully separate and safely store items of value (important documents, family photos, cash, jewelry, etc.). In many cases, simply moving the items out of the property can mean coming into contact with various, potentially hazardous contaminants that need to be handled according to specific safety protocols. The professionals at Mastertech in Southern NJ have the necessary safety and technical training to safely and effectively address any contaminates we may discover. Once the debris and contents are cleared, all surfaces are sanitized and deodorized to return them to a livable and safe condition.

Discreet and professional help for hoarders is available throughout New Jersey. While Mastertech can handle the actual cleanup, we can also recommend help in the form of counselors or doctors. Often times, people who hoard get overwhelmed by the problem they have created over time. They avoid letting friends and family in as their situation grows. Letting them know they are not alone and that help is available is sometimes just what they need. All of Mastertech’s hoarding cleanup professionals in South Jersey are trained to be compassionate and discreet during difficult hoarding cleanups.

Whether you are trying to come to terms with your own hoarding compulsion, or if you are helping a loved one overcome a problem. Cleanup is emotionally stressful and physically taxing. Mastertech can help. We provide hoarding cleanup services in Camden County NJ, Gloucester County NJ, Burlington County NJ and all surrounding South Jersey areas.

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