Does Mastertech Environmental offer financing for mold remediation projects?

Yes. Mastertech Environmental recently partnered with Hearth to bring our clients monthly payment options. Through Hearth, you can see options for installment loans that allow you to break up the project cost into predictable monthly payments. If you’re interested in seeing what financing options you can get, fill out the quick form on my Hearth page … Read more

What kind of reputation does the mold remediation company have?

Do your research. Check a company’s online reputation and ask for references. The internet has allowed us access to limitless sources of information. A company’s online reputation is a good indicator of who they are as professionals. Read reviews on Angie’s List, Google, Facebook and anywhere you can find them. See what past clients have … Read more

What is the company’s mold remediation process?

Proper mold remediation, completed by a mold removal professional, has 3 core defining elements. Identifying the source: In order to ensure the success of a mold cleanup, the moisture source must be identified and resolved. Typically, at the end of a long moldy trail, there is a significant water or moisture source promoting the mold … Read more

Does the company have verifiable references from previous clients?

Sometimes, talking to someone who can verify a company’s professionalism is helpful. Any company that has successfully provided a service to many happy and satisfied clients in South Jersey should have references. Ask for a few from clients who were in a similar situation as you. Ask if they have any clients who are willing … Read more

Does the company provide a warranty for the mold remediation?

Mold Remediation means mold removal AND mold prevention. If your mold remediation company has identified all potential moisture sources and performed proper mold remediation, they should provide a warranty. It’s that simple. Your mold remediation proposal should always include thorough and proper cleanup of the existing mold as well as recommendations for preventative measures to … Read more

Does the company perform Post Remediation Verification Testing?

Post Remediation Verification Testing means the mold professional will collect air and/or surface samples from the cleaned environment for lab analysis. These samples should indicate a clean environment with normal indoor mold levels. This is a quality assurance step to ensure that the mold remediation technicians did not miss anything and that cleanup was successful. … Read more

Can the mold in our home or business make us sick?

The truth is that everyone reacts to mold differently – just like allergies. It may not bother you, while it terribly affects the person next to you. The other truth is that long-term exposure to mycotoxin-releasing molds can cause health issues in all humans – regardless of age or how healthy you are.

Can we be home during the remediation?

In most cases, yes. We build containment chambers around affected areas in order to keep occupants safe and to avoid cross contamination. If for some reason, we determine that you should not be in the property during clean up, we will let you know.

What is your process for removing mold?

Each scope of work is specifically designed for your project’s needs. Our complete 12 step process is attached to this email and is also outlined in the “Our Process” document that is attached to your proposal.

What if you find more mold during our project?

If additional contamination or damage is discovered during your project, we will document it with pictures or video and immediately discuss any necessary additional work with you – before performing the work.

How do we know the job was done right?

We perform post remediation testing after every job. This ensures that all surface mold was properly removed and that the air quality in the remediated area is safe.

How quickly can your company arrive?

We are a 24 hour service, so professional cleaners may be dispatched to your Southern New Jersey location immediately after receiving the call. Mastertech understands that true 24 hour service means complete accessibility. Our operators stand by at all hours of the day and night, often times answering the phone on the first ring. Our … Read more

How long does unattended death, trauma or crime scene clean-up take?

The length of time it takes to perform crime scene or unattended death cleanup will vary. However, our technicians work through the night to remedy the situation and allow the family or property owner to regain access. We work as quickly as we can while still being extremely thorough in our death scene cleanup efforts. … Read more

Who typically pays for Mastertech’s cleanup services?

In most cases, home or property insurance companies will pay the claim for our cleanup services in South Jersey. When coverage is awarded, it is usually under a homeowner’s policy that is not considered to be a “named-perils policy”. Named perils policies usually only covers fire, lightning, windstorms and hail, explosions, riots/civil unrest, smoke damage, … Read more

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