Does the company perform Post Remediation Verification Testing?

Post Remediation Verification Testing means the mold professional will collect air and/or surface samples from the cleaned environment for lab analysis. These samples should indicate a clean environment with normal indoor mold levels. This is a quality assurance step to ensure that the mold remediation technicians did not miss anything and that cleanup was successful.

When dealing with the remediation of micro organisms and bioaerosols, it is always recommended that a thorough inspection and mold testing be performed after cleanup. This will ensure that the job was done right and the property is safe. Once you’ve chosen a mold remediation company, let them know that you are considering Post Remediation Testing. This will encourage them to not cut corners and do the best job possible.

At Mastertech Environmental, we always conduct a thorough inspection following the completion of each mold remediation, and we collect air and/or surface samples for lab analysis. This is our way of making sure that we got the job done right the first time. Our team takes pride in providing the safest and mold effective mold services possible in New Jersey.