What is the company’s mold remediation process?

Proper mold remediation, completed by a mold removal professional, has 3 core defining elements.

  1. Identifying the source:
    In order to ensure the success of a mold cleanup, the moisture source must be identified and resolved. Typically, at the end of a long moldy trail, there is a significant water or moisture source promoting the mold activity. Finding, stopping, and fixing the source of the water intrusion should be top priority.
  2. Containing the problem:
    Before beginning any work, it is important to carefully protect the unaffected areas. Technicians should be fully trained to carefully isolate all areas of concern with the appropriate containment barriers and covers to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.
  3. Cleaning and disposal:
    In many cases, mold can be effectively removed from the surface of building materials by following the IICRC S520 Mold Remediation Protocol. However, in severe cases, some building materials may be non-salvageable and must be removed and replaced. Mold technicians should be trained in the most advanced cleaning and demolition techniques in order to ensure a safe, effective mold remediation.

While each mold remediation project is unique to the specific conditions of the space, every scope of work presented by a NJ mold removal professional should include the above key factors.

Mastertech Environmental’s NJ mold remediation process was carefully developed to ensure the safest and most effective mold remediation from start to finish. 

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