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Clearance mold inspection and clearance testing can provide valuable insight for South Jersey homeowners dealing with a mold problem and the mold remediation process. Following the completion of a mold remediation, it is always a good idea to double check the work to make sure that the mold was effectively removed from the areas of concern. A post-remediation verification (PRV) assessment with mold testing will determine if mold remediation efforts were successful. Some mold remediation companies will offer PRV assessment and testing with their remediation services as a quality assurance step. However, Camden County homeowners always consider the option to hire a 3rd party clearance mold inspector in Camden County NJ to conduct a thorough PRV assessment with clearance testing.

Post-Remediation Verification (PRV)– Clearance Mold Inspection With Clearance Mold Testing

Post-remediation verification (PRV) assessments and mold testing should always be conducted following the completion of a mold remediation in a Camden County property. A thorough clearance mold inspection with mold testing will confirm whether or not mold cleanup and removal efforts were successful. A PRV assessment should include a visual assessment with moisture mapping and thermal imaging of the remediated areas. The assessment will include the collection of air quality sampling and possibly surface sampling from the work area. The purpose of this final follow-up assessment is to determine the success of the mold remediation efforts inside of existing containment areas to document that the areas remediated have been restored to clean and safe conditions.

When possible, PRV inspections and testing should be done following the remediation, BEFORE any reconstruction. In the event that PRV testing reveals mold elevations, cleanup efforts will be deemed unsuccessful and re-clean or further cleaning will be recommended. PRV assessments and testing should done before build back so further cleaning or re-cleaning can be done without the removal of any newly installed materials. Before reconstruction, your mold inspector will also have complete access to thoroughly assess the cleaned surfaces. Post-remediation build back can limit access and cover up issues that could have been left behind from the remediation process.

At a minimum, testing needs to be done inside the work zone.  Ideally, your clearance mold inspector will also test areas outside of the work zone also well. Testing areas outside of the area of mold remediation helps to verify that the work areas were properly contained during remediation. In the event that containment during remediation was insufficient or ineffective, the disrupted mold spores from the work area could have traveled to and contaminated previously clean, unaffected areas of the South Jersey property.

Mold Testing Camden County NJ

Why is a Clearance Mold Inspection After a Mold Remediation so Important?

Mold is considered a bio-contaminate that requires professional remediation under proper containment and air filtration. Mold remediation technicians in Camden County must use appropriate personal protection while working. Mold needs to be actively removed and surfaces need to be effectively cleaned in order to restore safe, pre-incident conditions. The moisture that caused and is supporting the mold growth must be properly addressed to prevent regrowth. The overall mold remediation process (from start to finish) is critical to achieving the desired mold-free results. If the mold remediation teams cuts any corners along way or simply misses something during the remediation, a clearance mold inspector will be able to catch it and recommend further cleaning.

A post-remediation inspection, both visual and analytical, is performed to ensure a return to a pre-mold contaminated environment. Clearance mold inspectors in Camden County NJ are looking for some of the following key indicators of a successful mold cleanup:

  1. Absence of visible dust, debris and moisture within the containment area.
  2. Absence of visible fungal growth within the containment area.
  3. Moisture content of lumber and other construction materials are within normal limits inside the containment area (determined through moisture mapping & thermal imaging).
  4. Balance of the airborne fungal spores found inside the containment area when compared to fungal spores found outside the containment area based on total spore count and/or hierarchy of spores detected (determined through the collection of air samples and surface samples).

Failure to pass a PRV assessment and clearance mold testing in Camden County NJ means an ineffective or incomplete mold cleanup. Mold and moisture left behind from an improper or insufficient mold remediation will only lead to repeat problems that can cause additional property damage and may require an even more costly cleanup if not immediately addressed following a failing report. In the event that a mold remediation fails to pass a clearance inspection and PRV mold testing, the mold remediation team should return and complete a re-clean in the identified areas of concern. Following a re-clean, you should conduct a follow-up clearance mold inspection just to make sure all cleanup criteria has been met.


If you are dealing with a mold situation that requires professional mold remediation in New Jersey, you need to also consider getting a clearance mold inspection following the remediation to confirm a successful cleanup. Mastertech’s clearance mold inspectors in Camden County can help. 

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