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Mold development in your Gloucester County, NJ property can become a serious and costly problem if it is not properly addressed in a timely manner. The presence of mold indicates extensive water damage in your Gloucester County, NJ home that can prove to be detrimental to the overall safety of the building. Mold caused by serious water damage can seriously compromise the structural integrity of the the residential or commercial property. In addition to structural concerns, mold development poses a serious health threat to you and your family. While each individual reacts to mold differently, prolonged mold exposure can potentially have long-term health implications ranging from mild to severe. If you detect indications  of mold development (musty odor, visual signs of fungal activity) in your Gloucester County, NJ home, call a professional to have a proper assessment of your property.

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Mold Inspection Gloucester County NJ

If you suspect mold growth in your property, you should consider hiring a professional to complete a thorough mold inspection in your Gloucester County, NJ property. When it comes to mold, reaction time can be the game changer. A professional assessment completed during the early development of mold can help to avoid a costly remediation in the future. Through a visual assessment to identify the immediate concern, moisture mapping and thermal imaging to diagnose the causation, and collecting of samples for scientific analysis, a trained inspector will be able to piece together a relatively clear picture of the full extend of the mold problem and offer a solution.

MasterTech has taken care to craft an inspection process that will be the least invasive to your property, as to minimize as much risk of cross contamination as possible to unprotected surrounding areas of your Gloucester County, NJ home. After completing a mold inspection, your inspector will be able to present you with a report of finding and draft a scope of work for your specific mold needs.

Identifying Causation to Prevent Future Mold Growth

One of the key components of a professional Gloucester County, NJ Mold Remediation is prevention. It is extremely important that the underlying water issues causing the mold growth is resolved, as well as thoroughly removing existing mold development. If the water source feeding the mold is not found and fixed, the mold will inevitably grow back, despite a proper cleanup.

The most common water sources feeding mold growth: leaks, seepage, flooding, and humidity. Taking the time to diagnose the water source and implementing the appropriate preventative measures is vital to avoiding more costly mold remediation and water restoration further down the line. A proper and thorough scope of work will include all recommendations for preventative tactics that you can implement to avoid future mold growth. To reassure you that your mold remediation was completed properly, MasterTech Environmental offers a 5 year, mold-free warranty with all our Gloucester County, NJ mold remediations.

Mold Removal Gloucester County NJ

MasterTech has time to develop a mold remediation process that promises the safest, most efficient, and most effective mold remediation from start to finish. Each mold removal in Gloucester County, NJ will include: identification and treatment of all areas of concern, a safe, efficient, and effective cleanup, and recommendations for preventative measures that ensure mold and moisture control in the future. Our 12 step process ensures control of the problem through proper containment and protection of your Gloucester County, NJ property. We take care to complete a thorough cleanup and proper disposal of all contaminated materials. Once the work it complete, we confirm the job was done right with post verification testing.

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Choosing the Right Company For Mold Removal Gloucester County NJ

Discovering major mold development in your Gloucester County, NJ property can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Take the time to do the research and hire a reputable mold removal company in New Jersey that you can trust to do the job right the first time. Because, when it comes to you and your family’s health and safety, you cannot afford to get it wrong.

MasterTech Environmental is a family owned and operated, local company that specializes in environmentally services. We are one of New Jersey’s top rated Mold Damage Contractor for residential and commercial buildings.

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