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According to the EPA, levels of indoor air pollution can be 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor levels. Household ducts can (and usually do) contain dust, mites, mold, pollen and animal dander and all of these are constantly being cycled through your home every day.  Since we spend about 90% of our time in our homes, it is important that we take every precaution to reduce indoor air pollution when possible. At Mastertech Environmental, our South Jersey Team offers professional air duct cleaning services to address contaminated ductwork and help mitigate indoor air pollution. The air ducts in your home are a vital part of your central heating and AC system. Heavily contaminated ducts not only contribute to air quality issues, but contaminated ducts have to work harder to produce the same results.  Poorly maintained ducts can be the efficiency and effectiveness of your entire system can suffer.

Benefits of Duct Cleaning — Should I Get My Air Ducts Professionally Cleaned?

South Jersey Duct Cleaning ServicesLarge volumes of air move through your ductwork every day, between the air handler and vents throughout your home. That means the air you breathe will pick up anything inside the air ducts — including dust, pet dander, and mold spores. Dirty, uncleaned ducts can compromise your indoor air quality and potentially make you and your family sick. That is why it is important that you have the ducts cleaned and maintained regularly. Professional cleaning of your air ducts will remove excess buildup of indoor air pollutants and ensure a safe indoor air quality.

Ductwork that is obstructed by dust and debris collected can restrict airflow throughout the system and the building structure. Over time, obstructed ductwork can reduce efficiency and eventually damage the HVAC equipment. Like any with any HVAC equipment, routine maintenance and cleanings for your air ducts is an investment that is recommended to ensure that your heating and air conditioning system works as effectively and efficiently as possible. Regular maintenance both extends the life of your system and makes it less likely that you’ll need emergency repairs.

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