Fall Home Maintenance: Prepare Your South Jersey Home

fall home maintenance

Fall Home Maintenance: It Is The Perfect Time

Fall and back to school season is approaching faster than you can say “summer.” This time of year is certainly dreadful for most K-12 students. However, the turn of the season is always a good time for some fall home maintenance. As summer comes to an end, it is time to start preparing your South Jersey home for the months ahead. Just a few adjustments here and there can make all the difference, and make your life a little easier.

In many ways, fall home maintenance can be as simple as tidying up around the house. Cleaning the house, opening some windows and lighting a candle is one of the most therapeutic activities out there. It is comforting knowing that your home is clean and the sense of accomplishment is very fulfilling. Fall is one of the best times of the year to get a lot of home maintenance done. It is neither too hot nor cold, making it a perfect time for outdoor maintenance as well. Other than simply cleaning the house, there is a lot more you can do as far as fall home preparation. 

Indoor Fall Home Maintenance  

Maintaining your home’s indoor environment is a key factor to a comfortable living space. Much like spring, fall is perfect for tidying up and doing chores around the house.

Indoor Autumn Preparation

With the colder weather creeping in, you want your home to be clean, comfortable and cozy. When all you want all day is to curl up on the couch with a warm blanket, you don’t want to come home to a bunch of tasks. Make your life a little easier in the near future by taking care of these tasks now.


Fall is a great time to go through your things and prioritize knick knacks, books, clothing, and even furniture that are important to you. Donating unused and unnecessary items is a great way to clear your home of clutter without feeling wasteful.

Inspect Attic and Crawl Spaces

Check attics, crawl spaces, and basements for signs of leaks, moisture, or condensation. Ensure proper ventilation in these areas to reduce humidity levels. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends maintaining indoor humidity levels between 30% and 60% to prevent mold growth.

Inspect Appliances

Inspect appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators for leaks or moisture buildup. Clean and maintain the drip pans, hoses, and seals regularly. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises addressing leaks promptly to prevent water damage and mold growth.

check windows for drafts in autumn preparation routine

Windows and Doors

Check your home’s windows and doors for any drafts or gaps. Drafts not only let moisture and cold air in, but they also let out the heat within your home, which can cause energy bill spikes. Quickly fill in any gaps around windows and doors with some caulk.


In conjunction with repairing any drafts, take a close look around the rest of your home for any areas that could be susceptible to leakage. Key areas to keep in mind are basements, attics, doors and windows, and any other area that is directly connected to the outdoors. Fill in any areas with cracks or leakage as soon as possible. If you notice a leak that has already occurred, you should have a professional mold inspector in your area come out and ensure that the leak hasn’t caused mold to develop within your home.

HVAC Maintenance

Replace the filters in your HVAC unit regularly. This is a good practice to get in the habit of doing year round, but it is especially important before it starts to get cold so that your home stays nice and warm.

  • Check if your air conditioning and HVAC unit filters need to be replaced. It is important to replace filters regularly to ensure good indoor air quality. You will also want to check that your HVAC system is in good condition, especially before it starts to get cold.fall window maintenance
  • Windows of the home should be inspected for any signs of cracking or wear and tear. Fall, much like every other season in South Jersey, often comes with a lot of rain. If needed, caulking and weather stripping should be replaced to prevent any potential for leakage.
  • Leaks occur when there is a crack or gap in a place where it shouldn’t be. As previously mentioned, windows are often a victim of unwanted leakage. However, a leak can occur in any area of the home. Some key areas to keep an eye out for leaks are basements, attics, and any area that leads directly to the outside of the home. If you notice any cracks, fill them in as soon as possible. 
  • Decluttering one’s home can often be an overwhelming process. Trust me when I say that the sense of accomplishment you feel when you are done is well worth it. It’s time to say goodbye to those items that have just been taking up unnecessary space.

Outdoor Maintenance 

The outdoor portion of your home is just as important to maintain as the indoors. The purpose of the home’s exterior is to keep the outdoors, well, outdoors. Make sure that you’re keeping your home’s exterior in good condition.

Outdoor Autumn Preparation

Autumn is the perfect time to get some outdoor home maintenance done, as you may not have another chance to do so until spring. The exterior of your home is equally as important as the interior, so you want to keep it in excellent condition year-round. Your home’s exterior is made to prevent outdoor conditions from making their way indoors. Let’s make sure it stays that way!  

Outdoor Drainage

Inspect the landscape around your home to ensure proper drainage. Poor drainage can lead to water pooling around the foundation, potentially causing moisture intrusion. The University of Minnesota Extension suggests grading the landscape away from the foundation and ensuring downspouts extend at least 6 feet away from the house to prevent water buildup near the structure.

Seal Cracks and Gaps

Examine the exterior of your home for cracks or gaps in the foundation, walls, or around pipes and vents. Use weather-resistant caulk or sealant to close these openings. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, sealing air leaks can enhance energy efficiency and prevent moisture infiltration, reducing the risk of mold growth indoors.


This task may require the help of a professional. Have your roof checked for any damage such as loose shingles, holes, or soft spots. Should any damage be discovered, this will need to be repaired as soon as possible. With autumn preparation, time is of the essence. You don’t want to wait until it’s too cold to get anything done. 


Clear your gutters of any debris. This may be something that needs to be done multiple times throughout the season, as the leaves are falling off the trees. You’ll need to make sure that your gutters and downspouts are free of any clogs so that water can flow freely. This will help you avoid water pooling and potential roof leakage. 

ensure that gutters are cleared of debris


You’ll want to ensure that the siding of your home is in good condition. Inspect the siding for any loose panels so that they stay put during those windy autumn days. 


Keep your yard free of debris, as it can attract excess moisture and is generally unsightly. With all the leaves falling off the trees, you will want to regularly maintain your front and back yard. Maybe while you’re at it, you can have some fun with the piles of leaves like you did when you were a kid. 

Check Outdoor HVAC Units

Clear debris and leaves around outdoor HVAC units to ensure proper airflow and functioning. Maintain a clear space around the unit to prevent moisture buildup and potential mold growth. According to ENERGY STAR, keeping the outdoor unit clean can improve efficiency and prevent potential issues.

Adding these tasks to your autumn preparation checklist enhances the overall readiness of your home for the changing season while reducing the risks of moisture buildup and mold growth.

Always ensure safety measures and, when in doubt or facing significant issues, consult professionals for thorough inspections and repairs.

When you’ve accomplished all that, crack open your windows and let in that cool breeze. Lighting a seasonal scented candle can really set the vibe for the season change. Finally, the most important task of all, sit back and enjoy the nice weather!

  • Repairs to your home’s exterior are important to get done before it gets to be too cold to do so. Inspect your home’s siding to ensure that there aren’t any loose panels, lest they get taken off forcefully by a gust of autumn wind.fall gutter maintenance
  • Gutters & downspouts are easily blocked up with all the falling leaves during fall. Clean out the gutters and ensure that downspouts are secure against the house to avoid any clogging or leakage. 
  • Fall is a good time to check your roof for any damage, because it’s not so hot that it’d be a safety hazard, but it also isn’t too cold. You certainly wouldn’t want to slip off the roof if there were to be ice on it. If there are any loose shingles, soft spots, or holes, it is imperative you fix those immediately. Your roof keeps the rest of your home safe, so treat it with care. 
  • Much like other outdoor maintenance activities, it is ideal to get yard work done during fall. With all the leaves that will be falling, it’s important that you keep your yard from getting overcrowded with debris. Fall may be the last chance you get to do yard work before weather conditions prevent it.  

Fall Festivities

Making your home fresh and clean is a great way to kick off the start of the season. There is something so refreshing and therapeutic about coming home and not having to worry about those little things. Feeling accomplished and being able to put your feet up will have you feeling renewed. You’ll be able to spend less time stressing over messes, and more time enjoying your fall festivities.

south jersey home maintenance autumn preparations

Autumn Preparation In South Jersey

Are you wondering where to begin when it comes to getting your home ready for the change of season? The best place to begin when you want to check off your autumn preparation to-do list would be to simply tidy up and do some fall cleaning. It’s like spring cleaning… but in fall.

Since autumn is the perfect balance between too hot and too cold, it’s also a great time to get some outdoor maintenance done. There are many things you can do to kick off your home’s autumn preparation routine.

Prepare Your South Jersey Home for Autumn: Essential Tips to Prevent Mold Growth

As autumn approaches in South Jersey, taking proactive steps to prepare your home can safeguard it against potential mold issues. By addressing both indoor and outdoor maintenance tasks, you can mitigate moisture buildup, a common precursor to mold growth.

At MasterTech Environmental, we understand the importance of a healthy home environment. With our certified mold inspection and testing services in South Jersey, we help homeowners identify and address potential mold problems before they escalate. Don’t let mold compromise your family’s well-being this season.

Schedule a residential mold inspection with MasterTech Environmental today and ensure a mold-free environment for a cozy and worry-free autumn in South Jersey. Contact us to book your inspection and keep your home safe and mold-free throughout the season. Your family’s health is our priority.


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