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Mold is a problematic issue for homeowners and businesses in New Jersey. Mold brings with it a whole host of safety concerns for all those occupying the space. Prolonged mold exposure can have alarming health implications. In addition, extensive, unaddressed fungal activity will compromise the structural integrity of a building and reduce it to a hazardous environment for you and your family.  If you suspect that you may have abnormal mold development in your NJ home, you should consider calling a mold professional to complete an assessment. MasterTech mold inspectors are fully trained to accurately evaluate your potential mold threat and determine the full extent of the fungal activity.  

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New Jersey Mold Inspection

When faced with a potential mold-related issue, your first step should be to contact a mold professional and inquire about a NJ mold inspection. MasterTech mold inspections are designed to identify if a mold problem exists, how extensive the problem is, the potential root cause of your mold issues, how to properly remove it, and how to prevent recurrence. During each inspection, your inspector will complete a visual assessment, moisture mapping, extraction of test samples, and a full write-up outlining the findings. Following a thorough inspection, your inspector will be able to offer recommendations for addressing your specific situation. If mold remediation is necessary, your New Jersey mold inspector will carefully draft a comprehensive scope of work for your mold needs.

  • Visual Assessment: Your inspector will look for any conditions that can promote fungal activity. All findings will be digitally documented via photographs.
  • Moisture Mapping: A vital part of your mold inspection is identifying causation. Your inspector will diagnose the water source feeding the mold growth. Using moisture meters and thermal imaging, your inspector will be able to determine where where the water issues start and stop. This will allow you a better understanding of the full extent of the problem.
  • Testing: Surface tests and air quality tests will confirm whether or not you have an abnormal presence of mold in your NJ home.
  • Report of Findings: Within 48 hours after your mold inspection, your inspector will generate a formal summary report for you. The report will outline all the findings and recommendations in a clear and concise document.

New Jersey Mold Remediation

Once we present you with a report of findings, if mold remediation is within your requirements and you would like us to proceed, we will draft a scope of work for your New Jersey mold removal. MasterTech has taken time and care to cultivate a mold remediation process that promises the safest, most efficient, and most effective mold remediation from start to finish.

Mold Removal Process NJ

The scope of work for your mold remediation solution should include: identification and treatment of all areas of concern, a safe, efficient, and effective cleanup, and recommendations for preventative measures that ensure mold and moisture control in the future.


Each MasterTech mold inspector and mold technician is thoroughly trained and fully equipped to safely and effectively address your mold concerns. No matter how difficult the location or how large the contamination, we can properly restore your property and peace of mind. MasterTech provides top-rated NJ attic mold removal, NJ basement mold removal, NJ crawl space mold removal and MORE!

Our 12 step process ensures control of the problem through proper containment and protection. We take care to complete a thorough cleanup and proper disposal of all contaminated materials. Upon completing each mold remediation in NJ, we confirm the job was done right with a post-remediation inspection and post-verification testing. Each MasterTech mold remediation is backed by a 5-year, mold-free warranty. It is our promise to you and your family that the mold has been safely and effectively removed, and it will not grow back.


The Importance Diagnosing Causation

Mold is a somewhat new concern plaguing property owners, sellers, and buyers. Right now, the research in the mold industry is limited, but the science community is constantly discovering more data and gaining a firmer understanding of the subject and its potential health and safety implications. However, toxicity is not the only major concern when it comes to mold. If there is major mold growth in the home, it is a good indicator of more serious underlying issues. Continuous mold growth is often the result of a water problem. In severe cases, you might need a complete water damage restoration in your NJ home before even starting a mold remediation.

In all mold cases, a constant water source (ie: leaking, flooding, etc.) is feeding the mold and allowing it to thrive. Unaddressed water issues lead to costly and dangerous property damage. While mold exposure can be dangerous to you and your family’s health, water damage will compromise the structural integrity of the building. Severe water damage will render your home unfit and unsafe for you and your family. In addition, if the causation is not properly identified and resolved, the mold will inevitably grow back. The MasterTech Team is trained to carefully assess a mold situation to determine the water source feeding the mold. Each scope of work for mold remediation should always include an outline of preventative measures for you to implement following mold removal.

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