What To Look For In A Death Cleanup Company

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Death cleanup is one understandably overlooked aspect of dealing with the death of a loved one. At Mastertech Mold in the Collingswood area, we understand that finding the right company is the last thing you want to worry about after such an event.

To help you avoid the added stress of doing so, we have included below five important things to look for in a death cleanup company. We at Mastertech Mold strive to be one such company that you can trust in any situation.

Training And Expertise

Death cleanup requires a high degree of professionalism and expertise. Many dangerous hazards may be present after a death which means it is absolutely critical that the hazards are removed so your home can be brought back to a safe condition. A few things you can look for the indicate an appropriate level of training include:

  • Bloodborne pathogen training
  • Personal protective equipment training
  • Job-specific OSHA training
  • Medical waste handling and transport training
  • Hazardous communication training


While licensing and certification requirements for death cleanup services vary by state, it is important to make sure the technicians are legally able to do the job. The company should also be able to provide documentation of a license to transport medical waste. This can be somewhat difficult to determine because there is no specific certification for the death cleanup. This means that it is all the more important that you make sure the company has the proper training and certifications.

High Standards

The cleanup service you use should be an expert in biohazard cleaning so that you don’t have to question how well the job was done. To make sure your home is completely safe from toxins, the cleanup service should not only have the right tools and gear for thorough cleaning but should also have tests that measure how well the affected areas were disinfected. If the test results show that the area wasn’t completely neutralized, the company should re-clean the space. Regardless of the situation, you should have confidence that the cleanup company holds itself to strict standards to make sure your home or business is returned to a safe and livable condition.

References From Past Clients

At the end of the day, experiences from past clients can be much more informative than the number of licenses and certifications they have. The best place to go for this information is to ask those you know who they have worked with and what their experiences were like. You can also see reviews online to help you determine which companies have a track record of high-quality service.


When coping with the death of a friend, loved one, or recovering from a traumatic event, you should be surrounded by those who care and are empathetic to your situation. This includes the death cleanup technicians you hire.

Professional In Death Cleanup And Biohazard Cleaning Services In Collingswood

We understand that what we do is more than just a job. It is providing you with a necessary and sensitive service in the most compassionate way possible. Our trained death cleanup professionals in Collingswood will always go a step further to help during traumatic and stressful events.


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