Mold Removal Cleveland, Ohio

Mold Removal Cleveland, OH

Mold Remediation and Mold Removal In Cleveland, Ohio

Signs of mold in your Cleveland, OH home or business can not only be unpleasant, they can be unhealthy. Those musty odors may be the result of mycotoxins from mold that have become airborne, and breathable to you and your family or co-workers. When faced with a serious mold issue, commercial and residential property owners can easily get lost in all the stress.

Despite popular belief, mold doesn’t just go away. As long as there’s a food source (your home or business), a moisture source (humidity, water leaks) and the right temperature, mold can thrive for years. Because of this, mold must be handled quickly and safely. Addressing a mold problem in the early stages of development will make all the difference– it will help to reduce the chances of further, costly property damage and help to avoid health issues from prolonged mold exposure.

Call a professional who specializes in mold remediation in Cleveland, OH to answer all your questions and and schedule a mold inspection.

Signs of mold stressing you out? Call a Cleveland Mold Professional to answer all your questions and reduce your stress

Sometimes it is difficult to figure out if it’s mold or not mold. Our Cleveland, Ohio Mold Inspections are designed to locate your mold issues quickly and determine why they began in the first place. Our Mold Inspectors are trained to thoroughly perform mold inspections and testing. Moisture is the number one cause of mold in most Cleveland homes and businesses. All of our mold inspectors are equipped with moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras to locate moisture sources that can cause dangerous mold.

MasterTech mold inspections are developed to be the least invasive to your property as possible. For your safety, we try our best to avoid any unnecessary destructive tactics during your mold inspection. 

Mold Inspection Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, OH Mold Inspections

Visual Assessment– Your MasterTech Inspector will complete a comprehensive visual analysis to determine any conditions that could stimulate mold growth in your Cleveland, OH property. We will provide you thorough digital documentation for your records.

Moisture Mapping– Your inspector will carefully map out the wet areas of the property to determine where the water source begins and ends, while avoiding any unnecessary demolition or invasive tactics.  

Moisture Meters: Moisture meters allow us to read the moisture content of building materials. Moisture locked within porous building materials can go unnoticed for a long time.

Thermal Imaging: Your inspector will be taking advantage of the temperature difference between wet and dry materials. Thermal imaging will allow your inspector to clearly identify all wet areas and paint a picture of the mold spread.

Mold Testing– Surface and/or air quality tests will provide scientific data that will confirm or deny mold presence. If mold presence is confirmed, the test results will help your inspector figure out the most appropriate course of act to resolve the mold issue.

Report of Findings– Your inspector will compile a clear and concise report that outlines all his/her findings. If deemed necessary and requested for, your inspector will present you with a detailed scope of work for a Cleveland, Ohio Mold Remediation.

 Mold Removal And Remediation In Cleveland, Ohio

The experts at MasterTech Environmental have taken time and care to develop the safest, most efficient, and most effective mold remediation process to ensure the most thorough and successful restoration of your property. Each step in our 12 Step Mold Remediation Process was consciously put into place to safeguard the efficiency of the mold removal. All of our technicians receive extensive, specialty training to appropriately handle the mold in your property.

When it comes to mold, post remediation prevention plays just as important of a role as the actual mold removal. Every scope of work for a Cleveland, OH Mold Removal Project should always include preventative measures to avoid mold recurrence in the future. In some cases, mold prevention will require additional work. However, often times, property owners can easily handle prevention on their own with some advice and guidance from a mold professional.

Mold Removal And Remediation Myths

When it comes to mold, people often fall into the trap of the sensationalized perception of mold and get lost in all the myths. Call a reputable mold professional to help you identify mold facts vs. mold myths. There is only one safe and effective method of mold remediation – source removal. All too often, we see mold “professionals” that offer quick “treatment” of mold without physically removing it. They’ll tell you that treatment and encapsulation with their magic mold products will resolve your mold problem. The truth is that even non-viable mold spores can cause health problems in certain individuals. So removal is key. It simply cannot be safely “treated.”

Mold Remediation Cleveland, Ohio

MasterTech Environmental provides top notch mold services to all of Cleveland, Ohio. If you are experiencing signs of a potential mold infestation in in your Cleveland home or business, call for a professional Cleveland, OH Mold Remediation Estimate.

Contact us now to schedule your Cleveland mold inspection, We will be happy to answer all your questions and set you up for an appointment with one of our well-trained inspectors.

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