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Preparing To Reopen in South Jersey Post COVID-19 Shutdown

In recent weeks, states across the country have been gradually re-opening in various phases. As New Jersey slowly lifts stay-at-home orders, various businesses, buildings and offices are eagerly preparing to open their doors to the public again (of course, under specific regulations and COVID-19 guidelines). As companies prepare to resume operations under this new normal, it is important to consider the risks of mold and moisture buildup due to inactivity with the closed facilities. 

Many businesses, buildings and offices have been mostly unoccupied through the months of shutdown. In their vacancy, many commercial facilities likely fell behind on regular maintenance checks, which can allow underlying moisture problems to go unaddressed all this time. Vacant, unused buildings often invite moisture buildup, mold development and other problems. Before reopening, be sure to conduct thorough maintenance checks and assess for possible mold and moisture issues. It is important to properly address any moisture, mold other other maintenance issues to ensure a successful reopening. 

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Risks of Indoor Mold Growth In Closed Buildings

In your absence, a lot can happen in a vacant, commercial building. Indoor mold growth during the COVID-19 shutdown is a potential hazard that needs to be considered prior to reopening post COVID-19 shutdown. Prolonged periods of inactivity in a closed building can allow moisture buildup that can sustain substantial mold development. With an adequate water source, it only takes 24-48 hours for mold to develop — not to mention some buildings have been shut down for months at this point. 

In damp enough conditions, mold will grow on building materials and spread. Unoccupied buildings are especially vulnerable to moisture buildup and mold development. High humidity, insufficient ventilation, condensation, plumbing leaks, unaddressed roof damage, window leaks, and flooding could cause serious water damage and mold growth in your absence. As we transitioned into a warmer and more humid season, if a building is closed with HVAC shut off, the indoor humidity will rise and create an environment ripe for mold to grow. If there was minimal to zero maintenance done during the stay-at-home order, there could be undiscovered leaks, roof damage or flooding — especially with the recent stretch of heavy storms in the South Jersey region. 

Conducting A Mold Inspection with Mold Testing Before Reopening in South Jersey

Before resuming operations, post COVID-19 shutdown, South Jersey business owners and facility managers should consider getting a mold inspection with mold testing to check for potential mold and moisture issues in the structure. Mold issues should be properly addressed (and the water source repaired) before reopening to tenants, employees, patrons and other occupants. Through a visual assessment, moisture mapping, thermal imaging and mold testing, a professionally trained mold inspector in New Jersey will be able to determine if you have underlying mold and moisture problems that require professional remediation. A professional mold inspection will determine if there is a mold problem, determine the full extent of the growth, determine the moisture source and determine how to effectively remove the mold to ensure safe reopening. 

Mold is a microbial hazard that requires safe and effective mold removal by a professional in South Jersey. Exposure to mold can mean potential health implications. Unaddressed mold and moisture can lead to serious and expensive property damage and structural issues. If your commercial building in New Jersey was left unoccupied with limited maintenance during the time of the COVID-19 shutdown, you need to make sure to conduct a thorough inspection of the facilities to make sure everything is clean, mold-free and safe for reopening. 

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The last few months have been stressful enough, and everyone is just excited to reopen and return to some mild sense of normal. In order to ensure a smooth and successful transition for reopening businesses, business owners and facility managers need to conduct the necessary maintenance checks and properly prepare the building for reopening. This includes getting a mold inspection to make sure the building is clean, mold-free and safe for occupancy.

Mastertech Environmental provides thorough and comprehensive mold inspections with mold testing in South Jersey. We have been a trusted source for mold needs in communities throughout Camden County, Gloucester County, Burlington County and more. If you are in need of mold inspection services, call today — 609-948-8844. Whether is a commercial mold inspection or a residential mold inspection, our inspectors have the necessary training, certifications and experience to help with your mold related needs. We use the most advanced tools and equipment to assess businesses, offices and commercial facilities for mold and moisture.


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