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Neglected mold problems will only worsen with time and require a more costly remediation. The nature of mold allows it to contaminate virtually anything, given the right conditions. If mold has developed and is ignored, the contamination will spread to unaffected areas. As the contamination spreads, removal becomes more involved and costlier.

We always recommend immediate attention when it comes to mold development. If you detect sign of a mold contamination in your Edgewater Park, NJ home or business, you need to contact a reputable NJ mold removal professional who is thoroughly trained to properly address the mold in a timely manner.

Mold is a bio-contaminant. Our technicians are trained to help.
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Certified Mold Inspection in Edgewater Park, NJ

If you suspect a mold contamination in our home or business, contact a certified professional to complete a mold inspection in Edgewater Park, NJ. A trained professional will have the necessary tools, skills, and knowledge to properly assess the full extent of your mold problem and prescribe the mold appropriate solution. Your MasterTech mold inspector will…

  • Conduct a visual assessment to identify any conditions that can contribute to mold growth.
  • Map any and all moisture migration to determine where the water begins and ends to understand the pattern of mold growth.
  • Collect air or surface samples for further scientific analysis to identify mold species and spore counts
  • Outline all the findings in a details report that explains what was done, what was found, where it was found, and what to do next.

Professional Mold Remediation in Edgewater Park, NJ

Every mold contamination will vary depending on the environment and the conditions promoting the mold development, so it is important that the scope of work for mold remediation in Edgewater Park, NJ is custom-tailored to fit your specific mold needs.

At the core of every mold remediation are 3 key components that must be addressed to guarantee success of removal: determining causation, containing the contamination, and proper cleanup & disposal.

  • Determining Causation– Where there is mold, there is a water source causing the mold to develop. In order to complete a successful mold remediation, our technicians will find, stop, and fix the water source. Otherwise, despite a proper cleanup, the mold will come back.
  • Containing the Contamination– Prior to starting the mold remediation, it is important to carefully protect the unaffected areas. MasterTech technicians are fully trained to carefully isolate all areas of concern with the appropriate barriers and covers to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Proper Cleanup & Disposal– Most mold can be effectively removed from the surface of building materials without the use of toxic agents. In more severe cases of mold, some building materials may be non-salvageable. Our technicians are trained in the most advanced techniques for the safe, effective, and efficient removal and disposal of non-salvageable, mold-infested building materials.

Safe And Effective Mold Removal Process Edgewater Park, NJ

MasterTech will always prioritize you and your family’s safety. Our goal is to return you and your family to a mold-free and safe environment. To do so, MasterTech uses the safest and most advanced mold remediation techniques available. At MasterTech, we take every possible measure to maintain the utmost quality control. Each mold technician is thoroughly trained in all mold remediation procedures and protocols.


Safety will always be MasterTech’s top priority. As proof of that, we back every mold removal in Edgewater Park, NJ with a 5-year mold-free warranty. It is our promise that the mold has been properly removed, and it will not grow back.

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Mold can mean serious consequences for you and your family. If you suspect a potential mold contamination, call MasterTech today to schedule a mold inspection in Burlington County, NJ.

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