What To Expect From Mold Testing

mold testing burlington county, mold inspection burlington countyAs a homeowner, you want to be on top of the care of your Burlington home. If you suspect mold, you’re probably thinking about having your home tested before you take steps to have the mold remediated. Mold testing and inspections can help you determine where the mold is and how extensive the damage is before you start taking steps to clean and remove it. Mold testing professionals at Mastertech Environmental emphasize the importance of testing and give a detailed layout of what you can expect when you decide to do so. Take a look:

Steps Of Mold Testing

Visual Inspection: When professionals enter your home, the very first thing that they will do is take a look at your home with the naked eye to see if your home is a prospect for mold growth. When they walk in, they will be looking for places that it likes to grow. These would include cool and wet environments, especially in dark places that are usually forgotten.

Digital Documentation: This is an important step because they will be able to quickly write down all of the things that they see so they do not forget. This will also be helpful because they will be able to take pictures of the areas that might be concerning so that they know exactly where to go once they begin work.

Thermal Imaging: When you see anything related to thermal, it usually means temperature. This is very helpful because mold testing experts will be able to detect things that you would not be able to on your own. They can detect wet or damp building materials from dry ones. As stated above, mold likes to grow in wet environments so this really is a good tool when testing.

Moisture Mapping: This step is similar to step three. It tests for wet spots that are potential areas of growth. It also helps professionals locate any moisture spots to see if the water damage has been resolved, or if there needs to be work done to stop the flow of the leaking water.

Airborne and Surface Mold Testing: When professionals do their testing, they will not only look for wet areas but will also take air samples and swab areas on surfaces to ensure that growth is not occurring in other areas of your home.

Summary Of Work And Verification Testing: This is a very valuable step for you as the homeowner. When professionals come into your home, they will take detailed notes about the things that they are doing. They will also make a summary of their work and then double-check their work to ensure that the job was completed thoroughly and effectively.

Professional Mold Testing In Burlington County

Staying on top of mold and having your home tested can stop a mold problem from growing bigger and more costly to repair. For all of your testing and removal needs, make sure to contact your local professionals like Mastertech Environmental in Burlington County. You will not regret it!


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