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mold testing burlington county, mold assessment burlington county, mold remediation burlington countyWhen you have visible mold in your home, you obviously want to find the source of the problem. A professional mold test will give you a snapshot of the number of mold particles in a certain area at a certain time. Hiring an expert at collecting and analyzing mold samples will always lead to the most accurate results. With so many previous inspections under their belts, the professionals at Mastertech Mold in Burlington County will quickly assess a sample for precise results. After the scope of the situation is documented, a remediation plan can be created.

Types Of Mold Tests

Several different types of mold testing may be conducted by a mold professional as part of the remediation process. In fact, they may use multiple methods to pinpoint your problem.

Air sampling tests the concentration of mold spores to be examined later at the lab, under a microscope. Using air sampling, mold experts collect indoor air samples from multiple places in the home. A control sample is also taken outside of the home. Next, a comparison is made between the indoor and outdoor samples to determine if there are elevated levels of mold spores inside the home that are not naturally present in the outdoor environment. Air tests can tell you if you have a mold problem, even when you cannot find the mold growth. However, the number of mold spores in the air can change drastically in a small amount of time, giving varying results at different times; multiple collection times are recommended.

Culture tests take the samples from the home, then are grown into larger mold colonies in a lab in order to identify the species of molds. Surface testing takes samples from household surfaces to find the amount of mold growth and spores deposited around the home. Samples are collected by swabbing, tape lifting or other methods. Like with air testing, the results can vary because mold growth and spores aren’t spread evenly across surfaces in the home. Unlike air testing though, surface tests can’t identify the exact concentration of mold spores in the air.

Tape Swab Test is used less frequently because it is used to determine which type of mold is present. This test does not typically identify spore count, which is essential to determine if there are elevated levels of mold in a home. Because all mold requires remediation, mold spore counts are far more important than the actual types of mold. The tape swab test uses a cotton material swab to wipe the surface to be tested. After touching surfaces, the swab is sent to a lab for examination.

For homeowners in Burlington County, Mastertech Mold will evaluate your home and then recommend the appropriate tests. With this data, they will identify the specific molds, tell you the expected and safe levels of each, and create a plan to eliminate.

Certified Mold Inspection And Mold Testing Company In Burlington County

A thorough mold inspection is the starting point for any suspected mold-related issue. Without mold testing, there’s no way to accurately determine how bad your mold problem is – or if one exists at all. Your professional mold inspection in Burlington County will allow us to determine if you have one.
Mastertech Environmental performs certified mold inspections and testing in Burlington County; we will be able to help with an effective and safe approach.


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