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There are lots of reasons why South Jersey real estate agents call on MasterTech Environmental for professional mold remediation and real estate mold testing services in South Jersey when concerns about “mold-like substances” or “organic growth” turn up in the home inspection report.

  • Optional 5 Year, Mold-Free Warranty
  • Post-Remediation Verification Testing – Included
  • Mold Remediation Certification – Included
  • Non-alarmist communications

Optional 5-Year Warranty: Whether you represent the home seller or the home buyer, they will both have their own agendas. Our mold-free warranty options make it easy to decide.

Post-Remediation Verification Testing: We test every job that we complete to ensure that it was done correctly – and safely.

Mold Remediation Certification: We provide every remediation Client with a Certificate of Professional Mold Remediation documenting that mold removal was performed in accordance to specific industry standards. 

Non-Alarmist: We’re not scary, and neither is the way we communicate. We promise to be available for open communication with you and your Clients and promise to never EVER use scare tactics. 

Trying to buy or sell a property with mold? Mold doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker. Contact Mastertech’s local mold removal specialists in South Jersey today to schedule a remediation estimate.

Realtor’s Trusted Choice for Mold Remediation in South Jersey since 2010

Local Mold Remediation Company South Jersey

Local Mold Removal Specialists Provide Mold Remediation in South Jersey

Mastertech’s South Jersey Team provides real estate mold removal services for local properties throughout South Jersey. For over a decade, we have been help local relators with their clients’ mold related needs. When mold turns up in the middle of a real estate inspection period, it can quickly snowball into a stressful ordeal with fears of losing the sale. While mold is a problem that should be taken seriously, it does not mean that the deal is dead. Most mold related issues can be fixed, and Mastertech can help by providing the professional mold remediation services needed to keep the sale moving.

Mastertech’s mold remediation team has of years of experience working with local realtors in the South Jersey area. We perform the safest, most thorough and most efficient cleanups possible. We work hard to ensure that sellers can be certain they are selling a mold-free home, and buyers can confidently move into a clean and healthy home. Don’t let mold bring your home sale to a halt — call our local office today to schedule a mold remediation estimate in South Jersey — 609-948-8844.

As a realtor, you are simply trying to ensure the sale of a properly or the purchase of a property. To do so, there will be challenges to overcome — one of those challenges being mold. Don’t let mold be a deal-breaker. Professional mold remediation services are available, so sellers close the deal and buyers can move into their dream home (mold-free). Regardless if you need basement mold remediation in Haddonfield or attic mold removal in Swedesboro — The Mastertech Team can help, call today 609-948-8844.  

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