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Indoor Air Quality Testing Toxic Mold In South Jersey Buildings 

Mold isn’t often immediately noticeable, and it can be challenging for homeowners to figure out the root of the problem on their own. Mold frequently grows on concealed surfaces including behind furniture, under flooring, inside wall gaps, inside ceiling voids, under construction materials, and more. When hidden fungal growth continue to develop and spread, it can aerosolize and compromise your indoor air quality. Airborne mold spores can be toxic and make people sick. One of the only methods to accurately ascertain the entire extent of any potential mold problem is by performing a professional mold inspection with mold testing and air quality testing. A certified mold inspector will perform a thorough visual assessment with mold sampling, moisture mapping, and thermal imaging. Surface sampling and/or indoor air quality sampling are both used in mold testing.  

Mastertech’s local mold testing professionals in Collingwood are specially trained to develop the proper mold testing plans and employ the right sampling techniques to gather to necessary information to scientifically determine if there is a black mold problem and the severity of the problem. Our South Jersey mold inspectors have years of experience working in Collingswood buildings and interpreting the data collected from inspections, so you can trust that we will deliver detailed, accurate, and honest reports. To learn more, call our South Jersey off today 609-948-8844. 

What is Air Quality Testing? 

Surface testing is a little more self-explanatory. It is the collection of a sample, via tape lift or swab, from a surface with visible concerns. This sample is then analyzed by an accredited laboratory to determine the concentration of mold at that surface. But what exactly is an air quality test? How can the air be tested for mold? Air quality testing for mold is the collection of air samples for laboratory analysis to determine whether or not the indoor air has been compromised by an excessive quantity of mold. To do so, a certified mold inspector will set up a calibrated bio-pump to run for a designated period of time and draw a specific volume of air over a sterile collection medium inside a sealed cassette in order to particulates from the air. The sample is then examined by a certified third-party laboratory. 

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Should I Get The Air In My Collingswood NJ Home Tested For Black Mold? 

Airborne mold spores (black mold, toxic mold, or otherwise) are microscopic and can only be confirmed by air sampling. Air sampling can provide important information regarding the indoor air quality that cannot be determined via visual assessment alone. There could be elevated airborne mold, toxic mold or black mold that is just not visibly apparent. While air testing is very valuable, not all situations are the same and not all situations will require testing. “In most case, if mold is present and visible, sampling for mold is unnecessary. If the extent of the problem has been determined and the underlying moisture problem is resolved, the goal will be to remediate.”  — The EPA regarding mold testing. 

Aside from testing, the other elements of a professional assessment can uncover valuable information regarding the environment. A thorough mold inspection includes testing in addition to a thorough visual assessment for evidence of moisture problems and fungus growth. To identify potential mold problems, we will perform moisture mapping utilizing moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras, and hygrometers. All of this information puts the discovery of mold into context by describing what could have caused the mold and how to stop it from growing again. 

Reasons to Getting Mold Testing in Collingswood Buildings 

  • Health Concerns: If anyone in the house or building is experiencing unexplained, allergy-like symptoms, especially when inside the structure or after spending an extended period time in the structure. 
  • Odors: When visible mold is not present, but the smell of mold is. A mold inspection with testing will help to reveal mold presence and track its location. 
  • Moisture: When there has been a history of moisture problems in the structure – roof leaks, basement floods, plumbing leaks, broken pipes, high humidity, HVAC leaks, poor attic ventilation, etc.  
  • Clearance Testing: When a mold remediation has been completed. Following a mold remediation, we recommend to have the space post-tested to ensure that the previous mold issues has been resolved and mold counts have returned to normal. 
  • 3rd Party Requirements: To provide scientific evidence and report to satisify 3rd party requirements (i.e.: real estate transactions, tenant/landlord disputes, property financing requirements, etc.) 
  • When a property owner suspects a possible mold problem, but is unsure. 
  • Hidden Mold: If there is a suspicion of hidden mold that might be developing behind walls or under building materials. A mold inspection with testing can also determine if there is an elevated mold spore count in the air. 
  • Sick Building Syndrome (SBS): Anyone complaining of the following symptoms while in the house or building, but symptoms disappear after leaving house of building: headache, eye, nose or throat irritation, dry cough, dry or itchy skin, dizziness and nausea, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, sensitivity to odors, rash. 
  • Building Related Illness (BRI): Symptoms that may continue upon leaving the house or building including: cough, chest tightness, fever, chills, and muscle aches. 
  • Peace of Mind: Maybe you have a general concern throughout the structure and just want it checked just in case. Or perhaps you are buying a home and want to make sure you are not buying a moldy house.


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Hiring a Local Mold Inspector in South Jersey

Mastertech Environmental is a locally owned mold inspection company in Collingswood servicing all the surround South Jersey areas. We specialize in mold detection and mold testing. Our local inspectors are professionally trained and certified to provide thorough and comprehensive assessments with detailed reporting. Our process is specially geared towards determining whether or not you have mold related issue. If we uncover an elevated fungal ecology, we will identify the underlying cause of the mold, determine the full extent of the contamination, develop a proper plan for mold removal, and provide guidance for prevention.  

To learn more about getting your home or business tested for black mold or toxic mold, call today 609-948-8844.  


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