Should I Get My Swedesboro Home Tested For Mold?


You can find controversy regarding almost every home service if you spend enough time studying it online. That is the same when it comes to mold testing and air quality testing. A large portion of the skepticism and debate surrounding mold testing is frequently based on exaggeration, false information, or misinterpretation. So, do you really need to check for mold in your Swedesboro home? Every situation will call for a different response.

When is Mold Sampling & Air Quality Test Necessary?

The EPA’s general guide for mold testing states that, “In most case, if mold is present and visible, sampling for mold is unnecessary. If the extent of the problem has been determined and the underlying moisture problem is resolved, the goal will be to remediate.”

The EPA is implying that excessive indoor mold growth, of any kind, is a problem and needs to be removed. In some circumstances, mold testing might reveal important details about the conditions of the environment that could have been overlooked otherwise. In other cases, mold testing is an unnecessary expense that will tell us exactly what we already know. Industry standard dictates that if mold is visibly apparent, it needs to be removed, regardless of species or type. It is a common misconception that the species of mold is important and remediation is only necessary is it’s the “dangerous” kind. All mold can have potential health affects depending on the individual, and all mold can wreak havoc on your buildings materials and cause serious property damage.

While most testing is not application for all moldy situations in Swedesboro, there are also a lot of scenarios that warranty mold testing. Here are some examples of situation when mold sample can be extremely helpful.

  • If visible mold growth is confirmed in one area of the property, a Swedesboro mold inspector might advise air quality testing of the adjacent areas even if there are not visual indicators of mold. Mold spores from a contaminated space can aerosolize, spread to and contaminate nearby areas without notice.
  • When you detect suspicious odors, but do not see any visual indicators of fungal growth.
  • When there has been a history of moisture problems (leaks, floods, etc.) and there is a suspicion that mold might be developing behind walls or under building materials.
  • When a mold remediation has been completed– a clearance mold inspection with testing will determine if the mold remediation was successful and make sure that indoor mold levels have returned to normal.
  • When there are potential health concerns.
  • When there is a need to meet a 3rd party requirement (i.e.: real estate transactions, tenant/landlord disputes, etc.)
  • When a property owner suspects a possible mold problem, but is unsure.
  • When a home or business owner has a general concern for the indoor air quality and mold. In this case, it is just a general concern for the indoor environment and testing is done more so as a precautionary measure in case there is more going on than what is visibly apparent.

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The Importance Of The Mold Inspection That Comes With Mold Testing

Mold testing is just one element of a mold inspection. In fact, the most valuable aspect of hiring a mold inspector is not the mold testing– it is everything else included with the mold inspection that will provide context regarding the environment and how it could be sustaining mold growth. Mold samples are a mere snapshot of a single moment in time. The results of a mold test will only you tell you about the mold patterns in that one particular moment. That is why context is so important– and that is what a full mold inspection provides. Mold testing means very little without the support of a full mold inspection to provide context regarding the environment and how it could be sustaining mold growth. The mold inspection process includes a full visual assessment, moisture mapping and thermal imaging to understand the environment and conditions in the environment that could be encouraging and sustaining continuous mold growth. The information gathered during the visual assessment, moisture mapping and thermal imaging is equally important to the testing. Sometimes, it is even more valuable than the testing. 

In the event that a mold inspection reveals an elevated mold presence in your Swedesboro home, your mold inspector will use the information gathered through a visual assessment, moisture mapping and thermal imaging to determine the moisture source that caused the mold in the first place, how many areas it has affected and to what extent. All this information is incredibly useful to understand the full extent of the mold problem, what caused it, how safely remove it, and how to effectively prevent it from returning.

Mold Testing & Mold Inspection Services In Swedesboro New Jersey

Mold Removal Van South JerseyIf you think that mold testing will be beneficial in understanding the conditions in your Swedesboro Hill NJ home, be sure to do your research before hiring just any molding environment and indoor conditions that drove those results. A thorough visual assessment with moisture mapping and thermal imaging will reveal valuable information that will help your inspector determine what is causing and sustaining the mold growth. Furthermore, this information gathered during a detailed mold inspection will be crucial to prevention. With a thorough understanding of what caused the mold growth in the first place, you will be able to implement the necessary moisture control to prevent future re-growth following remediation.

Mastertech’s trained and certified mold inspectors in Swedesboro have the necessary skills, experience and tools to conduct thorough mold inspections with mold testing. Our mold inspection process includes a complete visual assessment, moisture mapping (with moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras), mold sampling and air quality testing. We will determine if a mold problems exists. If a problems exists, we will get to the bottom of what caused it, prescribe a safe & effective mold remediation plan, and provide insight on how to prevent future mold growth. If you are in need of a mold assessment with air quality testing services in the Swedesboro Hill NJ area, call Mastertech today to learn more about our services.


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