Condensation Control During Colder Months

condensation control in south jersey during cold seasonsControl Condensation During Cold Season 

During cold months, condensation control can become a huge problem if not handled properly. Mold & mildew can begin to develop, as well as many other unwelcome home issues. Cold months especially experience a lot of condensation within homes.  You are using your heaters inside and there is cold air outside, this is why you see condensation on walls and windows. When the warm air from inside meets cold outdoor air, this is when condensation occurs. Just a few minor adjustments to your lifestyle will maximize condensation control in your South Jersey home, all while helping reduce the risk of mold as well. 

Causes Of Condensation 

There are a variety of reasons that condensation may occur. It is important that you are aware of all of these reasons. You should be aware of how to avoid them, and should they occur, how to deal with them properly. 


Temperature should be consistent throughout the home, within reason. A few degrees here and there is no big deal. However, if one room is much colder than the one next to it, the colder room can experience condensation when the warm air meets the cold air. Effective condensation control relies on this temperature being consistent throughout all rooms of the home. 

Improper Ventilation 

Ventilation is extremely important when it comes to indoor air quality, condensation control & reducing moisture in the air. Areas of the home where ventilation is imperative include your kitchen, bathrooms, basement and attic. All other areas of the home should be properly ventilated as well, but these are the main areas where we see a lot of excess moisture. Proper ventilation gives excess moisture a way out of the home, so that it doesn’t become trapped. While you are cooking or bathing, make sure that you have a window open, or some kind of ventilation to ensure moisture doesn’t get trapped inside. Keep the ventilation going for at least 20 minutes prior to cooking or bathing to ensure dryness. You also want to make sure that bathroom and kitchen doors, if you have them, are closed. This prevents condensation from traveling to other areas of the home. 

Cold Surfaces In The Home 

Similarly to controlling the temperature of the home, cold surfaces can cause condensation when met with warm air. Insulation can be efficient in not only condensation control, but also can help lower your heating & energy costs. However, it is important that you are not trapping condensation within the home, so be careful not to over insulate.

Excessive Moisture

wipe away condensation from windowsMoisture can be caused by a variety of things. Whether it be cooking, showering, or doing laundry, indoor moisture can be detrimental to your home. These few simple adjustments can counteract excess moisture that occurs in your South Jersey home. 

When you see condensation, wipe it away. It may seem like common sense, but many don’t think to do it. Whether it be on a window, mirror, or wall, just simply dry it off. If you don’t have a dryer for clothes, consider hanging your clothes outside to dry instead of inside – if possible of course. If you cannot do it outside, you can open a window to ensure that the moisture has a pathway out of the home. 

Kitchens and bathrooms are especially prone to excess moisture. While you are cooking or showering, either open a window or make sure that you have an extractor fan running while doing so. Again, this gives the condensation a way out so that it is not stagnant within your home. 

improper condensation control can lead to mold development in south jersey homesDangers Of Improper Condensation Control 

Ensure that you are taking the proper precautions this cold season when it comes to condensation control. Keep in mind all the things you can do to control condensation in your home. When you stay on top of condensation control in everyday life, it isn’t such an intimidating feat. It’s just one more thing you do to routinely maintain your home’s health and comfort. Fold it into your regular home maintenance routine. Excessive moisture and condensation can lead to the development of mold and mildew within your home. As long as you are diligent in your condensation control tactics, you shouldn’t have any issues. However, as previously mentioned, many people don’t even realize that it’s something that needs to be done. If you suspect that your home is experiencing mold, no need to panic. Contact a professional mold remediation company in your South Jersey area, and your home will be good as new. 


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