Floor Joist Mold In South Jersey Properties

Floor Joist Mold In Your South Jersey Basement Or Crawl Space?  Basements and crawl spaces are notorious for being damp and musty environments. This has an impact not only on the space’s atmosphere, but also on the materials used to construct it. Basements and crawl areas with poor air circulation and excessive humidity or moisture … Read more

How Indoor Humidity is Hurting My South Jersey Home

The ideal indoor relative humidity level for homes in New Jersey is between 30% -50%. Higher humidity levels encourage mold growth and can cause property damage. How Can Humidity Damage My NJ Home? High humidity isn’t just uncomfortable. Unaddressed humidity issues can mean serious consequences. Over time, moisture buildup from excess indoor humidity can cause serious … Read more

The Most Common Crawl Space Issues That Cause Mold Growth & Water Damage in South Jersey Buildings

With the local high water table and close proximity to the Jersey Shore, South Jersey crawl spaces are especially vulnerable to water damage and mold. Some of the most common crawl space issues that cause mold include: high humidity, ground water vapors, ground seepage, flooding, leaky foundation walls, poor air circulation and condensation. What Causes … Read more

Foundation Problems Lead to Moisture Buildup and Indoor Mold Growth

Homeownership is fun and exciting, but it also means a great deal of responsibility– one of those responsibilities being home maintenance. As all New Jersey homeowners know, home maintenance can be tedious, possibly frustrating and potentially expensive over time. However, it has to be done in order to ensure a safe, healthy and comfortable environment for … Read more

Dysfunctional Attics That Cause Mold Growth in South Jersey Buildings

Attic mold is a common issue for South Jersey property owners. Dysfunctional attics can be the ideal conditions for fungal growth. A functional attic in South Jersey means no roof leaks, adequate attic insulation, humidity levels below 50%, sufficient attic ventilation and HVAC & plumbing vents that vent directly to the exterior. Attics missing any … Read more

Basement Efflorescence: The White Powdery Stuff on Foundation Walls Explained

Basement efflorescence is often mistaken as mold growth by New Jersey home and business owners. Both efflorescence and mold occurs in damp environments and present similar growth characteristics. While efflorescence is not mold, it is an indicator of damp conditions that can be conducive to mold growth if the moisture source is not properly addressed in … Read more

Avoid Basement Floor Joists Mold In South Jersey

Mold Protection for Basement Floor Joists Basements are notorious for their damp, musty atmospheres, as we all know. This has an impact not just on the space’s environment, but also on the materials used to construct it. Basements become a breeding ground for mold when there isn’t enough air circulation and there’s too much humidity … Read more

Storm Damage From Springtime Rainfall

Spring Rainfall Can Lead To Home Storm Damage We’ve all heard the old saying – “April showers bring May flowers.” Having experienced quite a few springtime storms here in South Jersey over the past few weeks, this saying resonates deeply. This is to be expected, as springtime in South Jersey usually does bring a lot … Read more

Prevent Attic Mold In Your South Jersey Home

Prevent Attic Mold In South Jersey  For most of us South Jersey homeowners, we tend to think of our attics as that dusty, dark place we use for storage and not much else. While having extra storage in our attics is a great thing that homeowners should take advantage of, it is important that we … Read more

Indoor Mold Prevention During Spring

Spring is just around the corner for us here in South Jersey. That means warmer weather, daylight savings, and plenty of time outdoors. Many South Jerseyans participate in spring cleaning, and it is a great time to do so. Spring cleaning & home maintenance can help to protect your home from any potential damage, address … Read more

Navigating Bathroom Mold Prevention In South Jersey

Dealing With Bathroom Mold Prevention There are certain areas of the home that are more susceptible to excess moisture damage and mold growth than others. Bathrooms are one of those areas. Bathrooms are commonly exposed to more moisture & humidity than any other area of the home. Between showering and sink & toilet usage, your … Read more

How To Spot Mold In Your South Jersey Home

We get a lot of questions from property owners in South Jersey about how to spot mold. Many people who are concerned about mold may not even know where to start. There are some cases where it is easy to identify indoor mold growth, however this is not always the case. We have seen many … Read more

Debunking Myths About Mold

Myths About Mold Are Everywhere  Much like many other things on the internet, it is easy to come across a large amount of mold misinformation online. It doesn’t take much searching to find multiple different contradictory claims about mold, leaving you even more confused than when you began. Local home & property owners in the … Read more

Preventing A Damaged Roof This Winter

Winter Can Bring Unexpected Roof Damage Here in South Jersey, winter often comes with unpredictable weather patterns. One day it’s 55º and sunny, the next there could be a snow storm. With the holidays approaching quickly, it can be easy to get caught up in all the holiday preparations and end up neglecting some other … Read more

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