Indoor Mold Prevention During Spring

indoor mold prevention during spring south jerseySpring is just around the corner for us here in South Jersey. That means warmer weather, daylight savings, and plenty of time outdoors. Many South Jerseyans participate in spring cleaning, and it is a great time to do so. Spring cleaning & home maintenance can help to protect your home from any potential damage, address issues that have already occurred, and keep your home in great condition. One thing that many homeowners tend to overlook is the prevalence of indoor mold development when the temperature begins to get warmer. With the ice melting & warmer temperatures throughout the day, moisture & humidity can sometimes find their way inside your home. Indoor mold prevention during spring is something that every homeowner needs to be aware of to keep their home in good shape throughout the year. 

Tips For Indoor Mold Prevention This Spring 

Aside from your usual spring cleaning routine, there are multiple steps you can take to target indoor mold prevention in your South Jersey home. Let’s take a closer look at some tasks that can help you prevent mold development in your home this spring. 

  • Check For Leaks: Unaddressed leakage in your home can lead to severe water damage & mold growth. A key part of indoor mold prevention is to ensure that any leakage is repaired & dried out as soon as possible. 
  • HVAC Maintenance: Check & replace HVAC system’s filters. Air ducts should be inspected for buildup of dust, debris, or moisture. It is important that your HVAC system is checked once or twice a year by a qualified professional. This is to ensure that it is still in good working order. Additionally, any potential condensation coming from your HVAC system needs to be addressed by a professional as soon as possible. This moisture could lead to mold growth. 
  • Indoor Humidity Levels: With the change in seasons fast approaching, it’s likely that the indoor environments of our homes will see some change as well. The warmer temperatures that come along with springtime may prompt indoor humidity levels to spike, so it’s important to be aware of this. Normal indoor humidity levels should stay between 35% and 50%. If you notice excess humidity within your home, it’s important to get this under control as soon as possible. Indoor mold prevention relies on the minimization of moisture within the home, and indoor humidity is included in this. It can be as easy as getting some air flowing in the space using proper ventilation or an open window. Other times, indoor humidity could be more severe, requiring the use of a dehumidifier to regulate humidity levels. 
  • Foundation Maintenance: Ensure that you are aware of any signs of  cracks in your foundation or compromised structural integrity. A foundation that is in poor condition can lead to water intrusion. This can cause indoor mold growth in the future. With the snow and ice melting from the winter, there will be a lot of moisture in the ground. A compromised foundation could let that moisture into your home. Make sure that you promptly repair any damage to the foundation. Additionally, you can ensure that you are properly managing the drainage around your foundation on the outside. Water runoff should be drained away from the property in order to avoid water pooling around the foundation of your home, potentially seeping towards the inside. 
  • Attic Maintenance: Similarly to the foundation of your home, your attic may be left vulnerable after a winter of snow and ice like we’ve just experienced this year in South Jersey. It may be wise to have your roof inspected for any signs of damage. Loose, broken or missing shingles are some things to look out for. Damage to your roof could mean water intrusion into your attic. Additionally, it’s important that your gutters & downspouts are free of any debris, as this could cause water to collect within the gutters & potentially seep into the attic. Ensure that your attic isn’t showing signs of mold growth or water damage. It’s important for South Jersey homeowners to be aware of how to spot mold in their attics. 

Found Mold In Your Home? 

Indoor mold prevention can only get you so far. Sometimes accidents happen, and that’s a normal part of homeownership. In the event that you do come across mold development in your home, it’s important that you act quickly. Early intervention is the best way to avoid further damage & expenses. This is why it’s so important for South Jersey homeowners to not only do what they can to prevent mold, but to know what to look for should mold occur. Contact a local professional mold remediation company to assess the damage & safely remediate it. Let the professionals handle the mold so you can get back to enjoying the springtime weather!


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