Navigating Bathroom Mold Prevention In South Jersey

bathroom mold prevention in south jerseyDealing With Bathroom Mold Prevention

There are certain areas of the home that are more susceptible to excess moisture damage and mold growth than others. Bathrooms are one of those areas. Bathrooms are commonly exposed to more moisture & humidity than any other area of the home. Between showering and sink & toilet usage, your bathroom could very quickly become an ideal breeding ground for mold. Bathroom mold can be tough to spot, so it is important that you know what to look for and where to look. Mold can creep into all those little nooks and crannies, such as behind the bathtub liner, beneath tiles, and in completely hidden areas like underneath your sink. When it comes to bathroom mold prevention, it is important to educate yourself. 

While it may seem impossible, there are plenty of ways that you can prevent mold in your bathroom. A few simple adjustments to your regular bathroom maintenance routine will go a long way in when it comes to bathroom mold prevention.

Tips To Prevent Bathroom Mold In Home

South Jersey citizens often ask us the best ways to prevent mold in these susceptible areas, such as bathrooms. While there are some things, like accidents, that can not be foreseen, there are aspects of bathroom mold prevention that we can control. Let’s take a closer look at some of the steps we can take to prevent mold in our bathrooms.  

  • Plumbing Maintenance: If the drain on your sink or tub is draining slowly, it could be an indication of a backup within the system. Clogged drains can lead to larger issues overtime, including mold development, so ensure that you are regularly checking your bathroom plumbing for clogs, leaks, or other issues. You may need to contact a professional if there are issues beyond your skill set. 
  • Proper Ventilation: Without proper ventilation tactics, humidity and steam from the shower can easily get trapped in the small space. Elevated levels of humidity will promote fungal development in your preventing bathroom mold south jerseybathroom. It is important that your bathroom is regularly ventilated. Running your vent fan during and after bathing can make a huge difference. If there is a window in your bathroom, you can keep that open to expel some of that steam from the space. 
    • Keep Humidity & Steam Contained: While showering or bathing, ensure that you are keeping the door shut in order to keep humidity from escaping into previously dry areas of the home. Adversely, when the shower is not in use, it is important to keep the bathroom door open in order to increase air circulation throughout the day, improving ventilation to the space.
  • Declutter The Space: Removing unnecessary clutter from your bathroom can help reduce the surface area that is able to retain moisture leading to mold development. Unused items tend to sit there without being touched or moved. If these items are sitting in a pool of water, it is possible that mold could develop beneath them without you even noticing. When it comes to the items in your bathroom, less is more. 
  • Clean & Maintain Your Bathroom Regularly: Mold thrives on organic matter. That is what makes it such an important aspect of our natural outdoor environment. However, that means that it can feed on dirt, dust, hair, body oils, and even urine or feces. Keeping your bathroom clean and sanitary is a key component in bathroom mold prevention. 
    • It can be as simple as a quick weekly wipe-down of all surfaces in the space. This includes walls, floors, counters, shower/bathtubs, toilets, and even shampoo bottles, etc. you should also get into the habit of regularly washing any and all porous materials within the space, such as towels, rugs, and even your shower curtain. These items can absorb moisture without you even noticing, promoting mold growth within the bathroom. 
  • Dry Off Wetness: This may seem like common sense, but this task often gets overlooked. Ensure that all surfaces are dry when they are not in use. Using a towel or even a squeegee, you can quickly dry off mirrors, tiles, shower stalls, and walls.

Discovering Mold In Your Bathroom 

As previously mentioned, bathroom mold prevention can only get you so far. There are some circumstances beyond our control, such as flooding or other accidents that could have taken place. Should you discover mold in your South Jersey bathroom, contact a local mold remediation company in your area to properly address the damage.


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