Foundation Problems Lead to Moisture Buildup and Indoor Mold Growth

foundation problems cause mold growth

Homeownership is fun and exciting, but it also means a great deal of responsibility– one of those responsibilities being home maintenance. As all New Jersey homeowners know, home maintenance can be tedious, possibly frustrating and potentially expensive over time. However, it has to be done in order to ensure a safe, healthy and comfortable environment for you and your family.

From foundation issues and foundation cracks to unexpected water damage and water intrusion, it is important for NJ homeowners to be vigilant and prepared for any issues that may impact their New Jersey property and home foundation. Early detection coupled with on-going foundation maintenance can save NJ homeowners a great deal of time and money in the long run— and minimize the risk of serious, long-term damage.

Dangers of Foundation Damage & Foundation Problems

Your New Jersey home is subject to a variety of environmental stressors that can lead to foundation issues and damage if homeowners are not careful. Everything, from extreme temperatures and heavy rain exposure to expanding and contracting soil and landscaping choice, can all affect your foundation and foundation walls. Issues like water seepage through your foundation walls or basement floor, or leaky foundations walls due to cracks and damage need to be addressed right away in order to protect your NJ home, minimize damages and prevent more costly repairs.

It is important to regularly monitor foundation walls from the interior and exterior and assess surrounding environments for signs of potential problems in your foundation and/or potential threats to your foundation. Minor foundation repairs are often quick and inexpensive, but homeowners should still pay close attention to these areas following repair in case conditions change or worsen. Some, more serious foundation issues will likely require professional attention to ensure proper resolution.

Unaddressed or improperly addressed foundation issues can allow water intrusion into the NJ home and leave homeowners with additional problems. Over time, indoor moisture buildup will lead to a variety problems:

  1. Property damage and diminished property value
  2. Compromised structural integrity of your building materials
  3. Fire hazards, safety concerns and health implications
  4. Significant mold development and water damage

Early detection and immediate action is key with foundation repairs and maintenance. South Jersey homeowners should promptly address signs of potential foundation issues immediately before issues worsen and lead to possible water damage and mold damage in your New Jersey home.

basement foundation mold remediation

Foundation Problems & Indoor Mold Growth in South Jersey Homes

Once moisture penetrates your foundation walls and enter your home through your crawl space or basement, it can be incredibly destructive if not properly dried out. In a short period of time, unaddressed water buildup will soak into porous building materials nearby and spread to additional areas. While concrete is not a favorable environment for mold growth, susceptible building materials in contact with wet concrete can develop mold growth. Also moisture intrusion through your foundation walls can increase the relative humidity of your crawl space or basement and lead to mold development.

Excessive mold growth can be a serious problem if NJ homeowners are not careful. Mold growth needs to be actively removed, and the moisture source needs to be properly addressed. Airborne mold spores can migrate upwards with warmer air as warmer air rises through your main living spaces and exits through your attic. Additionally, with elevated mold in your crawl space or basement, your HVAC system could be cycling mold spores throughout your main living space. This can lead to cross contamination to previous clean spaces.

Indoor mold growth, weather it is in your basement or your crawl space, can mean serious property damage and possible safety hazards.

Basement Mold Caused By Foundation Problems

If your NJ home is built on a basement, it will likely be the first space affected by any foundation issues. Basements are notoriously vulnerable to mold growth as is. Basement mold prevention is about keeping the space dry with adequate dehumidification, effective waterproofing and strategic moisture control. If moisture is introduced to the basement environment, mold will begin to rapidly develop and spread if the moisture source is not properly repaired and dried out in a timely manner.

To the untrained eye, signs of a basement mold problem might be difficult to identify. If you suspect that moisture from foundation issues has led to the development of mold in your basement, contact a basement mold inspector in NJ to conduct a thorough inspection.

If your New Jersey home has suffered from foundation leaks or foundation damage that has left you with basement mold growth, contact a basement mold remediation professional in your New Jersey area for additional information and assistance. 

Crawl Space Mold Caused by Foundation Damage

If your NJ home is built on a crawl space of if there is a crawl space within your basement, water intrusion due to foundation problems can lead to crawl space mold development. Crawl spaces are especially vulnerable to moisture problems as is. Maintaining a dry crawl space can be difficult. Add to that some foundation troubles, and crawl space mold prevention can become a real challenge. If moisture is introduced to the basement environment through your foundation, mold will begin to rapidly develop and spread if the moisture source is not properly repaired and dried out in a timely manner.

It can be easy to miss or overlook a crawl space mold problem. Mold may not be visible to the untrained eye. Additionally, crawl spaces are not always easily accessible for NJ homeowners to conduct routine maintenance checks. Because of these factors, New Jersey homeowners are often unaware of moisture build up and mold development until the musty odors have permeated through to the main living space.

If suspect leaky foundation walls have left you with mold development in your crawl space, crawl space mold remediation professional in your New Jersey area can help. 

For NJ homeowners who recently discovered foundation damage or foundation related water intrusion, you might also have a mold problem on your hands. If you suspect foundation leakage or seepage has caused possible mold growth in your basement or crawl space, a professional mold removal company in your NJ area can help. 

Mastertech’s team of mold remediation technicians in New Jersey have the necessary tools and training to properly assess your New Jersey basement or New Jersey crawl space to explain how water intrusion, through your foundation walls, has affected your home and determine if mold is developing as a result. With the information gathered during that initial assessment, we will able to develop an appropriate scope of work for a safe and effective mold remediation. 


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