Ants In Your Home Could Be A Sign Of Water Intrusion

ants in your home could lead to water intrusion and mold

Could Ants In Your Home Be A Sign Of Water Intrusion & Mold?

As homeowners, we sometimes have to deal with pests such as ants entering our homes. We often view these pests as a minor inconvenience to be dealt with by an exterminator. However, did you know that ants intruding on your property could be a sign of water damage? Don’t worry, it will all make sense. The fact of the matter is, nobody wants water damage in their homes – ants included.

Most ants tend to create shallow nests just below the surface of the ground. These nests are extremely susceptible to flooding, and the ants will instinctively take to higher ground for safety. This makes your home the perfect refuge for ants in crisis. They are able to enter through minuscule, nearly undetectable cracks, causing these cracks to become worse and worse over time. These cracks can lead to not only further pest intrusion, but something far worse – water intrusion & mold.  

Don’t Let Ants In Your South Jersey Home Go Unnoticed

Most of us South Jersey homeowners are under the impression that our homes are safe & secure from things like pests & water intrusion. Even the tiniest, most insignificant crack or opening is an invitation for pests such as ants to make their way inside. With all the rain we’ve been getting here in South Jersey recently, it is more than likely that your home is experiencing more ant issues than usual.

During times of severe rainfall & moisture, preventative methods such as ant traps & pesticides may prove to be ineffective. Additionally, as these ants continue to enter your home through cracks in your foundation, the crack slowly gets wider & wider. A crack in your foundation during a time of severe rainfall can only lead to one thing – water intrusion. The elevated moisture levels from the water intrusion can create a perfect environment for mold to develop.

If you are seeing an excessive amount of ants in your home, it may be a sign that there is a crack somewhere in your foundation. As discussed, this could lead to water intrusion & mold, so make sure you are taking care to inspect your foundation for cracks & repair them as soon as possible to avoid extreme structural damage over time. 

Identify & Prevent Water Intrusion In Your Home

As discussed, ants worsening a crack in your foundation could lead to water intrusion & mold. Make sure you are taking special care to inspect your foundation for cracks & repair them as soon as possible to avoid extreme structural damage over time. Let’s take a closer look at how to identify & prevent further water damage in your South Jersey home. 

Any cracks in your home’s foundation, or around windows & doors must be repaired in order to reduce the chances of ants entering through these cracks. Not only is it inconvenient when ants intrude on your home, they also make any cracks in the foundation significantly worse. To effectively prevent water intrusion & mold long term, South Jersey homeowners should have their foundations assessed at least semi-annually. 

Basements & crawl spaces are two areas of the home that can be more susceptible to moisture than others. This means that any additional gateways for moisture to enter into these areas, such as a crack in the foundation, could lead to a much larger, widespread mold issue in the future. If you are concerned that mold has made its way into your basement or crawl space, contact a local mold remediation company in your South Jersey area for help. 

Keep An Eye Out For Ants In Your Home

Who knew that ants in your home could lead to such extreme damage such as water intrusion & mold? To adequately prevent mold, South Jersey homeowners should regularly assess their homes for signs of water intrusion. Keep an eye out for even the smallest cracks in your foundation, or even around doors & windows. Remember that even the most insignificant opening can be a warm welcome for not only ants, but water intrusion & mold as well. Do you suspect mold has developed due to ants worsening water intrusion?

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