Could An Ants be a Sign of Mold Growth & Water Damage in Your South Jersey Home?

The ants opening these cracks in your home in a time of increased moisture creates the perfect environment for mold to grow. You may think your home is secure, but even the tiniest opening can be a warm welcome for these pests. In these times of higher moisture levels, preventative methods such as pesticides and … Read more

How To Keep Rainwater Out of New Jersey Homes

Dealing With Water Damage in South Jersey Homes Water damage can be a stressful ordeal for South Jersey homeowners. Water can be sneaky and creep into your home without notice. All too often, homeowners do not discover water damage until it has grown into a big, expensive problem. In the more extreme cases, moisture damage … Read more

Ceiling Mold from Ceiling Water Leak South Jersey

Ceiling water leaks and ceiling mold are most commonly the result of a roof leak, plumbing issues, ductwork condensation, chimney issues, leaky skylights, siding issues or other issues from above. The nature of a water leak usually means that the water damage might be a lot worse than it might seem at the surface. Leaks … Read more

Ceiling Leaks – Prevention & Signs To Look For

Ceiling Leaks Causing Mold Damage It can be easy to overlook a leak, especially when most South Jersey plumbing is covered by drywall or other building materials. Water easily flows and soaks into any porous building materials when it begins to leak. Ceiling leaks can cause severe mold or moisture damage, diminishing the structural integrity … Read more

Avoid A Frozen Attic In South Jersey

Winter has come around once again in South Jersey, and as usual, it’s as unpredictable as ever. South Jerseyans have seemingly come to expect the unusual weather patterns that we see each winter. As we’ve said time and time again, South Jersey’s weather patterns can be rather unpredictable – especially during wintertime. The temperature could … Read more

How Slow Leakage Can Cause Big Problems

Slow Leakage In Your South Jersey Home  You may be under the impression that a slow, minor leak in your home is nothing to be concerned about. You’ll get to it eventually, right? The truth is that because of this mindset, slow leakage can be even more damaging than a flood or other intense water … Read more

Identifying Signs of Hidden Water Damage in South Jersey Properties

Looking for Signs of Hidden Water Damage The nature of water allows it to flow to and seep into virtually anywhere once it is loose. Unaddressed moisture buildup can wreak havoc on your South Jersey property by destroying your building materials, doing major property damage and causing mold development. Unfortunately, water leaks and water intrusion … Read more

Severe Rainfall Recovery: Protecting Your Home From Damage

Protecting Your Home After Severe Rainfall  The past few weeks here in South Jersey have been filled with dreary weather and severe rainfall. This nonstop moisture and rain can create the perfect breeding ground for mold. During these periods of severe rainfall, South Jersey properties have the potential to be vulnerable to water intrusion and … Read more

Avoid Mold After Flood Damage

Avoiding Mold After Serious Flooding Serious flood damage and water damage can leave your home with mold issues if not properly remediated. Flooding can be caused by a variety of major water issues. These water issues include natural disasters, severe leaks within the home, and heavy rainfall. This water damage from flooding can leave your … Read more

Water Damage – Causes & Signs

The Consequences of Water Damage It’s safe to assume that nobody wants their home to experience water damage. However, it is more common than most would probably prefer. If you discover water damage in your home, you may want to simply ignore it or cover it up. Avoiding signs and causes of water damage will … Read more