Could An Ants be a Sign of Mold Growth & Water Damage in Your South Jersey Home?


Do Ants Attract Mold? Ants’ Role in Property Damage and Water Intrusion

No one wants water damage in their home, including pests. Most species of ants tend to create shallow nests just below the surface of the earth. This makes these nests more susceptible to flooding than areas above ground. As an instinct in times of disaster, most creatures will take to higher ground for protection.

Worker ants are known to pack up their whole lives, including other immature ants and even their eggs, and bring them to a safer space. This makes your elevated home the perfect refuge for ants in need. Ants enter through small cracks, and the foot traffic causes the cracks to wide. This also means there is more space for mold to sneak in.

The ants opening these cracks in your home in a time of increased moisture creates the perfect environment for mold to grow.

You may think your home is secure, but even the tiniest opening can be a warm welcome for these pests. In these times of higher moisture levels, preventative methods such as pesticides and traps have proven to be ineffective. If a colony of ants enters your home, they are likely to build a nest and make themselves comfortable. Different species of ants can wreak their own unique type of havoc, including structural damage to your home and even diseases. Any time ants enter your home through a crack in the foundation, this causes the crack to enlarge. The ants opening these cracks in your home in a time of increased moisture creates the perfect environment for mold to grow. Therefore if you find ants during or after a long period of rain, this indicates that ants are not the only thing entering your home. Enlarged openings in the foundation of your home can cause an array of issues, mainly water seepage which can lead to mold. However there are steps one can take to prevent these issues.


Tips to Identify Signs of Water Damage & Prevent Water Damage in South Jersey Buildings

  • Any cracks in the foundation of your home or windows must be sealed to reduce the chances of pests entering through these cracks. When pests enter through these tiny cracks, the cracks become larger, making more room for moisture to seep in. Foundation assessments help to prevent water damage. NJ homeowner should assess the foundation once every 6 months for signs of foundation issues to prevent water damage.
  • Your basement, an area that is generally built below the surface of the earth, is extremely vulnerable to moisture buildup. Therefore any additional openings for moisture to seep in can be a gateway to a larger problem, such as mold. If you suspect mold growth in your basement, you may want to contact a local basement mold removal professional in South Jersey
  • Damage to the foundation and walls must be remedied immediately lest it threaten the safety and integrity of your home and your family.
  • A professional maintenance checkup for your home should be performed at least every six months to ensure that there is no water damage in places you cannot see, such as the space under your drywall.

These are some main methods to ensure that water damage to your home does not go unnoticed. New Jersey homeowners should always assess their homes for signs of water damage. If you have found a group ants or other insects in your home, there must have been some opening for them to come in. Be on the lookout for even the most minuscule openings and cracks in the foundation of your home, especially in your basement or bathrooms. Even your windows can have small openings for pests and moisture to enter. A good majority of mold species’ requires a warm and wet environment to grow. It is similar for many insects, including ants, gnats, cockroaches, and more. These pests also need that same warm, wet environment in order to breed. This means that if you have an increasing amount of ants or other insects such as gnats and cockroaches in your home, you should also make it a point to check for mold.

pests-and-mold-damage-in-your-homeOther Vulnerable Areas In Your NJ Home

Other areas in your home such as your kitchen and bathroom can also be a common ground for both mold and insects. Because of the warmth and moisture in your shower or sink, this creates another space where the integrity of your home can be compromised via mold and insects. Even though you may keep these areas as sanitary as possible, if mold goes undetected, you may inadvertently be creating an environment where insects can thrive. However there are plenty of methods for removal you can use if your preventative measures have failed you.

If you suspect mold in your home, the first step you must take is locate the area where you have noticed the highest concentration of insects and possibly a musty odor emanating from the area. It is important to note that during an extended period of moisture can welcome the invasion of both insects and mold. These two issues often go hand in hand. If you are unsure of how to determine if your home has mold, don’t hesitate to contact a local mold inspection specialist in South Jersey to have your home assessed for any possible mold and moisture issues.

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