The Importance Of Containment During Mold Remediation

The Importance Of Mold Remediation Containment Proper mold remediation containment is a fundamental part of the mold remediation process. It is important that mold remediation technicians are efficient when setting up the containment of the areas of remediation. Before starting any work, mold remediation technicians must set up the proper containment chambers for remediation. Isolating … Read more

Avoid A Frozen Attic In South Jersey

Winter has come around once again in South Jersey, and as usual, it’s as unpredictable as ever. South Jerseyans have seemingly come to expect the unusual weather patterns that we see each winter. As we’ve said time and time again, South Jersey’s weather patterns can be rather unpredictable – especially during wintertime. The temperature could … Read more

Preventing A Damaged Roof This Winter

Winter Can Bring Unexpected Roof Damage Here in South Jersey, winter often comes with unpredictable weather patterns. One day it’s 55º and sunny, the next there could be a snow storm. With the holidays approaching quickly, it can be easy to get caught up in all the holiday preparations and end up neglecting some other … Read more

Moldy Holiday Decorations In Your Home?

Moldy Holiday Decorations Putting A Damper On The Season The winter holidays are sneaking up on us once again. No matter what holidays you will be celebrating, it’s likely you will be bringing those holiday decorations out of their hiding place. Many people see decorating for the holidays as a cheerful, fun activity to do … Read more

Winter Home Preparation

Winter is just around the corner for us here in South Jersey. While last winter was rather mild, it seems that Jack Frost is already nipping at our noses in early November! As South Jerseyans, we all know how unpredictable the weather can be around this time of year. One day it’s a breezy 55º, … Read more

Eliminating Indoor Allergens

Indoor Allergens Causing Irritation? Due to the rise of COVID-19 this year, we’ve all been staying home a whole lot more. This means that indoor allergens within the home have more potential to cause irritation in those with sensitivities. You want your home to be safe, clean and comfortable, especially in times like these. Eliminating … Read more

Coronavirus Precautions: COVID-19

Be Aware Of The Risks New information regarding the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is emerging every day. The CDC is doing their best to keep people as informed as possible. Pay attention to updates and react accordingly. Here at Mastertech, we are very aware of the risks involving the recent outbreak of COVID-19. As … Read more

Dealing With Toxic Mold in South Jersey

Dealing With Toxic Mold In Your South Jersey Home Mold plays a vital role in our ecosystem. It is everywhere, indoors and out. This is unavoidable. However, normal levels of mold are completely harmless. Mold can become an issue when it begins to grow at an elevated rate inside your home. Mold spores perpetually come … Read more

Holiday Allergies: What Is Causing Them?

Holiday Festivities  (And Allergies) Are In Full Swing  The holidays are a time to spend time with family and have fun. However, some people experience holiday allergies during this time of year. This puts a huge damper on their holiday cheer. Seasonal greenery, mold and mildew, food, or even your extended family’s pets may be … Read more

Avoiding Frozen Pipes This Winter

Preventing Your Pipes From Freezing  Frozen pipes can cause a lot of damage to your home which may require costly repairs. As we know, water expands when it freezes. This means that when the water within your pipes freezes and expands this winter, it can potentially cause a burst pipe to occur. However, there are … Read more

Tips For Dehumidifier Use In Your Home

Why Use A Dehumidifier?  In order for your home to be thoroughly protected from mold, it is imperative that you are aware of the damage that excess moisture can cause. When a home experiences excessive moisture and humidity, it creates the potential for mold development. Your home will always be vulnerable to moisture, thus is … Read more