Mold Misinformation: The Dangers Of The Internet

mold misinformation

Misinformation When Searching Online About Mold 

Mold misinformation can be detrimental when trying to figure out how to deal with an issue within your home. The first thing someone does when they realize there is a problem in their home is an internet search. What should I do about mold? How do I get rid of mold in my home? These questions are undoubtedly running through someone’s mind when mold development is discovered – and rightfully so. One should always be concerned when finding mold in their home. But something that may go over one’s head when doing these internet searches, is all the misinformation you can find online. Understandably, not everyone is a mold expert. Most people searching online are frantically looking for any solution, and are willing to try anything. This is the biggest mistake one can make when attempting to get rid of mold. 

Mold Remediation: Not A DIY Project 

Mold remediation is not always an easy fix. As previously mentioned, not everyone is a mold expert. However, a lot of people may feel that they can get the remediation done without the help of professionals. Whether it be to save money, or whatever the reason may be, it’s not uncommon for someone to want to do it themselves. In most situations other than mold issues, doing it yourself is an affordable alternative. With so much information online these days, who wouldn’t want to try their hand at a little DIY?

The main issue with trying to do a mold remediation on your own is cross-contamination, and improper containment. Containment is imperative because it goes hand in hand with preventing cross-contamination. Containment helps prevent mold from spreading to other areas of the home during remediation. Someone who is not a mold professional may not be aware of this, which can make matters worse for the damage in their home. Not only that, but a non-professional will not have the proper personal protection equipment to keep themselves safe during a remediation either. This has the potential to make someone very sick, as everyone reacts differently to mold. No matter which way you spin it, it is always best to leave mold remediation to the professionals. 


never use bleach to clean mold on a porous building material Bleach & Mold: A Match Made In Misinformation Heaven 

In this day and age, everyone wants to be a DIY’er. Generally this is a good thing, there’s nothing wrong with being self sufficient. However, there are some things that you just can’t handle on your own. Mold being one of them. There’s a lot of mold misinformation out there from unreliable sources. This misinformation will not only leave mold remaining within your home, it will also make the issue much worse. 

A common DIY mold misconception is that you can use bleach to clean up a mold issue. While bleach is an effective surface cleaner, it also has a very high water content. You should only be using bleach to clean non-porous materials such as metal, something like your kitchen countertop. These are also surfaces where you generally wouldn’t find mold development, because of the fact that they are non-porous. Mold almost always develops within porous building materials such as wood or drywall. When you use bleach on a porous building material that is already compromised, that water will simply seep in and add to the problem.

Common Mold Misinformation Found Online 

It is not uncommon for someone to turn to the internet when stuck in a bind. Mold remediation is often a costly process, so it makes sense that someone would want to find a way to get the job done on their own. However, the mold misinformation that you find online can be detrimental to your “remediation” process. You may feel that your efforts to rid your home of mold are harmless. You may be thinking, ‘how much worse could it get?’  The fact of the matter is that it will most likely cause you to have even more mold development within your home.

Unreliable sources telling you to use bleach on mold, or phony companies trying to sell you a mold cleaning solution for a quick buck will ultimately cause more damage. The truth is that no matter what, reaching out to a professional mold remediation company in your area is always the way to go. Even just calling and speaking with an expert before using misinformation you found online can save you a lot of time, effort, and money. If you’re not sure about the information you’ve found online, it’s safe to assume that it is unreliable. You don’t want to make matters worse for yourself, so be smart and reach out to the professionals. They’re here to help.



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