Storm Damage From Springtime Rainfall

storm damage south jersey water damageSpring Rainfall Can Lead To Home Storm Damage

We’ve all heard the old saying – “April showers bring May flowers.” Having experienced quite a few springtime storms here in South Jersey over the past few weeks, this saying resonates deeply. This is to be expected, as springtime in South Jersey usually does bring a lot of stormy weather. As good as the rain is for the environment, it can potentially wreak havoc on your home. With just a few simple adjustments to your home maintenance routine, you can easily prevent storm damage to your home this spring.

Prepare Your Home For Potential Damage To Come 

Homeowners should be prepared for potential damage throughout the year, especially during times that are known for heavy rainfall. As previously stated, it is to be expected that there will be storms during springtime here in South Jersey. Check out these tips to give your home some extra protection from storm damage.

  • Exterior Repairs: Your home’s exterior must be consistently well maintained in order for it to efficiently prevent storm damage and prevent water intrusion. Inspect your home’s exterior for any signs of damage. Signs to look out for include loose siding, wood rot, warped siding, or holes & gaps. Early detection is key when it comes to preventing damage, so stay on top of any repairs that need to be done. It is most ideal that you discover any repairs your exterior needs prior to any storm damage taking place. 
  • Foundation Maintenance: Maintaining & assessing the foundation walls of your basement or crawl space is a key part of preventing storm damage to your home. Be aware of any cracks or gaps that your foundation walls may have. Cracks that go unnoticed for extended periods of time can lead to slow leaks within your property. Slow leaks can lead to severe mold growth in the future, sometimes even more so than other sources of water damage. Staying on top of your foundation maintenance can mean detecting issues earlier, allowing you to prevent storm damage more effectively. 
  • Roof Maintenance: Inspect your roof for any potential damages or signs of water intrusion. Any loose, damaged or missing shingles should be repaired or replaced promptly. Shingles are there to protect your roof from leaks & water intrusion. Damages to your roof make it more susceptible to storm damage. Additionally, leakage on your roof could mean damage to your attic as well, leading to mold development. 
  • Gutters & Downspouts: Gutters & downspouts are meant to collect water & direct it away from your home to prevent water intrusion. If gutters & downspouts are clogged, they are unable to fulfill this duty. In order to effectively prevent storm damage, your home’s gutters & downspouts need to be free of clogging & debris. Additionally, any repairs or replacements to your gutters or downspouts should be done promptly to avoid further damage. 
  • Doors & Windows: Regularly check in on the condition of all windows and exterior doors around your home. Storm damage can easily make its way into your home when there are gaps, cracks & drafts around the sealing of your windows & doors. Take notice of any potential issues surrounding your home’s windows & doors that could lead to storm damage in the future. These areas experience a lot of wear and tear, as they are facing the exterior of your home. Checking this regularly can help to ensure that there are no pathways for water damage to make its way into your home. 

Prevent Storm Damage In South Jersey 

As a homeowner, you always want your home to be in the best condition possible. A few simple maintenance tips incorporated into your home routine can make a huge difference when it comes to preventing storm damage. These tips can be used year round, not just during springtime when rain damage is most prevalent. The wellbeing of you, your family & your home are important so don’t let storm damage put a damper on things. Do what you can to prevent damage to your home.