Handling Biohazard Cleanup In South Jersey Properties

handling biohazard cleanup biohazard remediation south jersey

What Is Considered A Biohazard Cleanup Situation?

When faced with a biohazard cleanup situation, many South Jersey property owners are unsure of where to start. Being faced with a mess that is beyond your abilities, or simply unsafe for you to endure on your own, can be stressful, scary & confusing. The truth is that some situations, like biohazard cleanups, are just too much for your average cleaning products or even cleaning company to handle. The good news is that there are companies who specialize in biohazard cleanup who are specifically trained & certified to safely, efficiently handle even the most extreme biohazard situations. There are a variety of situations that fall under the biohazard cleanup umbrella, and you may not be sure whether or not you have one on your hands. If you are wondering whether or not it is safe for you to handle a cleanup on your own, this is a pretty accurate sign that you should leave it to the biohazard cleanup professionals in your South Jersey area. Properties suffering from severe biohazard contamination including gross filth, allergens, pathogens, bodily fluids, & other hazards can lead to potential health risks for those inhabiting the space. In more extreme cases, it can even be a possible public health concern. Either way, it is important that biohazard cleanup situations are handled safely, effectively & promptly. Let’s take a closer look at different types of situations that fall into the biohazard cleanup service category.

  • Excessive garbage, filth & clutter
  • Hoarding or pack rat situation
  • Animal hoarding or domestication of wild animals in a property
  • Unsafe biohazards such as bodily fluids
    • Feces
    • Urine
    • Vomit
    • Blood 
  • Raw sewage backups or floods
  • Widespread mold contamination throughout a property
  • Severe water damage, structural issues
  • Neglected or distressed property 

Potential Contamination Present In Biohazard Situations

Biohazard situations can present a variety of health risks, as well as physical danger to those inhabiting the property. These properties tend to be contaminated with a variety of biohazards including but not limited to:

  • Excess garbage
  • Human or animal waste
  • Rotten or contaminated food waste
  • Mold & fungal growth 
  • Insects & rodent infestations
  • Broken glass
  • Discarded needles
  • Bodily fluids
  • Fire hazards
  • Structural damage

Health & Safety Risks During Cleanup 

Properties faced with extreme biohazard contamination can present numerous health & safety risks to those who enter the property. Biohazard cleanups including hoarding, animal hoarding & death cleanup are far in South Jersey properties are far beyond what your average cleaning company or maid service is capable of providing. These situations experience various sensitive contaminations that require specialized cleaning and removal services due to the health & safety risks present. Additionally, properties in such conditions are often neglected to the point of severe structural damage, making it treacherous to even enter the property at a certain point. Cleanup & removal of contaminated & damaged materials usually requires technicians to employ the use of professional grade cleaning agents and equipment. When a distressed property is experiencing biohazard contamination, the company responsible for cleanup & removal is required to follow strict cleanup procedures, as well as adhering to extreme safety protocols. A professional biohazard cleanup company in your South Jersey area will have the proper experience, knowledge, training & equipment to safely navigate the distressed property. 

Professional Biohazard Cleanup & Remediation Services in South Jersey

It’s not everyday that property owners are tasked with the responsibility of dealing with a biohazard cleanup situation. Here at Mastertech Environmental, we understand how stressful & potentially frightening it can be. We take pride in providing residents of South Jersey with the safest, most effective biohazard cleanup, remediation & removal services in the area. Our certified, experienced professional biohazard remediation technicians have been diligently trained to efficiently restore any contaminated property to safe, comfortable & clean conditions. Our South Jersey biohazard remediation team is able to safely & discreetly remove & dispose of contaminated materials while providing our clients with compassion, respect & professionalism. If you or someone you know is left with the responsibility of handling a biohazard cleanup, contact a local biohazard remediation company in your South Jersey area today for assistance. 


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