After Death Cleanup – What Do Collingswood Residents Do?

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New Jersey Emergency and law enforcement personnel deal with immediate concerns like necessary medical treatment or evidence preservation, but the task of death cleanup often falls upon the shoulders of friends, family members, business owners, and property managers. At such a stressful time, and without taking time to recover from the trauma, owners must erase … Read more

Helping Hoarders | The Severity of Hoarding & The Importance of a Proper Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding- Compulsive behavior characterized by the excessive acquisition of objects and the extreme resistance to discarding any of the objects due to a perceived need to save them. If you recently discovered a loved one’s hoarding compulsion, you might find that helping hoarders can be difficult. Those suffering from the compulsion become highly distressed at … Read more

Distressed Property Cleanup South Jersey

Are you faced with a mess that you think is beyond cleaning? The truth of the matter is, some messes are just to much for a standard house cleaning company to handle. That is why there are specialized cleaning companies that are specifically trained to safely and effectively handle the most extreme of clutter and … Read more

The Dangers of Rodent Droppings Infestation

Recently here at Mastertech Environmental of South Jersey, we’ve received multiple calls regarding rodent droppings cleanup services. Many South Jersey residents may be under the impression that this is an inconvenient but albeit harmless issue. The truth is that rodent droppings infestations can cause a plethora of health and safety risks to South Jersey property … Read more

Handling Biohazard Cleanup In South Jersey Properties

What Is Considered A Biohazard Cleanup Situation? When faced with a biohazard cleanup situation, many South Jersey property owners are unsure of where to start. Being faced with a mess that is beyond your abilities, or simply unsafe for you to endure on your own, can be stressful, scary & confusing. The truth is that … Read more

The Truth About Hoarding Cleanup

The Reality Of Hoarding  Hoarding is not something that you just see on television. It is a very real, debilitating condition that affects more people than you may realize. Oftentimes, individuals struggling with hoarding tendencies tend to keep their struggle behind closed doors while the filth piles up. Hoarding is a compulsion characterized by the … Read more

Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaners: Let the Trained Professionals Help

Crime Scene Cleanup– A standard term applied to cleanup of blood, bodily fluids and other potentially infectious materials. It is often used interchangeably with the term biohazard remediation.  Cleanup of a trauma or crime scene is a major undertaking that is not for the squeamish. Trauma & crime scene cleanup goes beyond just scrubbing down with a mop and bucket of soapy water. … Read more

Cat Hoarding Cleanup in New Jersey

Cat Hoarding in NJ Properties Cat hoarding can often be a health and safety hazard for the hoarder, the cats and other humans who may be exposed to the unsanitary environment. The combination of feces, urine and filth buildup can develop into a matter of public safety if the issues goes unaddressed for an extended … Read more

Animal Droppings Cleanup In Your New Jersey Attic

New Jersey Attics Contaminated With Animal Droppings Animals like birds, bats, raccoons, squirrels, rodents and other critters are notorious for finding a way to sneak into attics in the New Jersey area and making your home their home as well. This can lead to a variety of property damage and health and safety issues. If … Read more

Dead Body Decomposition Cleanup For NJ Property Managers

Some times tenants pass away at home and alone. As sad as that may be, it is something that just happens. When tenants suddenly pass away alone at home, it often can go unnoticed for a period of time, especially if they live by themselves and don’t have anyone checking in regularly. In that period of … Read more

Cleaning Up Feces, Urine and Other Bodily Fluids in New Jersey

Human or animal waste and body fluids like feces, urine, blood, vomit, spinal fluid, seminal fluid, and amniotic fluid can harbor a variety of dangerous bacteria and disease. Human or animal fluids are considered bio-hazardous waste and sanitizing a home or business that has been exposed to these materials requires professional help. Human or Animal Waste Cleanup … Read more

Who Cleans Up The Crime Scene of a Homicide?

We have all heard the stories, read the news articles, watched the news broadcasts and watched the crime shows recreate the headlines. Whether it is a dramatized scene created by Hollywood or a live action feed of an actual crime scene, we all have at least a minimal understanding of what happens following a death … Read more

Animal Hoarding NJ – Impact of Animal Hoarding & Professional Hoarding Cleanup Services

What is Animal Hoarding? Hoarding is characterized by the compulsion to acquire objects in excess and the extreme resistance to discarding any of the objects due to a perceived need to save them. What sets a hoarding situation apart from collection or clutter is the impact that the accumulated objects have on the hoarder’s day-to-day … Read more

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