Distressed Property Cleanup Cherry Hill New Jersey

Distressed Property Cleanup New Jersey

Do you have a mess that you don’t think can be cleaned up? The fact is that some messes are simply too big for a regular house cleaning service to tackle. Because of this, there are professional cleaning services that have been trained to manage even the worst cases of clutter and filth in a safe and efficient manner. Cleaning up after such severe incidents is referred to as distressed property cleanup. Distressed property cleanup is most often necessary in cases of extreme clutter, hoarding situations, animal hoardings, or situations dealing with biohazardous waste. These properties can present serious health risks and physical danger. Neglected homes tend to be contaminated with various hazards like: human and animal waste, spoiled and contaminated food, mold, fungal and bacterial growth, maggots and rodent infestations, broken glass, electrical and fire hazards, trash and discarded needles. In severe cases, these are often considered public health concerns.

Types of messes that require specialized property cleanup services:Hoarding Cleanup Cherry Hill NJ 08003

Distressed Property Cleanup Services in Cherry Hill

Whether you recently inherited the estate of a hoarder and clean a cleanout, or you are helping a loved one manage an animal hoarding — a local hoarding cleanup company in Cherry Hill can help. Extremely cluttered or overly filthy homes present numerous risks. Cleanup of such distressed homes in South Jersey is often beyond the capabilities of a standard home cleaning company or typical maid services. These are sensitive contaminations that require specialized professional cleaning services due to the health risks involved. Additionally, homes in such extreme conditions are often neglected to the point that even structural damage is common. Cleanup often requires the use of specific equipment and cleaning agents.  When a distressed property contains dangerous biohazards, those responsible for the cleanup must follow strict cleanup procedures and adhere to strict safety protocols.

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Professional Hoarding Cleanup Company South Jersey

Mastertech Environmental is a local hoarding cleanup company in Cherry Hill providing safe, thorough and discrete cleaning services for hoarding situations. Our cleanup services include a complete cleanout, deep cleaning with sanitization, and odor elimination. Our local South Jersey cleanup team services all of Cherry Hill and the surrounding areas, including: Collingswood, Voorhees, Berlin and Haddon Heights. We recognize that these are delicate and trying times for our clients, and we will always respond with patience, professionalism, and respect. Our specialists have worked with local communities in South Jersey for more than ten years and have assisted many families through some of their most trying times. The property can be successfully returned to safe and inhabitable conditions thanks to the expertise and equipment of our trained professional cleanup workers. All biohazardous contamination will be carefully removed and disposed of in accordance with local and state regulations by Mastertech’s NJ biohazard cleanup crew. Our personnel will wear the proper personal protective equipment, including respiratory protection, and is trained to adhere to high safety regulations. To learn more about our cleanup services, call our local South Jersey office today — [phone].


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    Thomas Duff, the visionary founder of MasterTech Environmental, brings a wealth of expertise and passion to the forefront of our mold remediation and biohazard cleanup mission. With a profound commitment to setting new industry standards, Thomas leverages his hands-on experience and innovative spirit to lead MasterTech Environmental to unparalleled success. Overseeing not only the original Blackwood, NJ location but also the thriving MasterTech Franchise Systems, Thomas champions a tight-knit family of professionals dedicated to serving communities, cultivating honorable trades, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Recognized for our presence on HGTV and DIY Network, Thomas Duff's dedication to excellence has driven our company's exceptional client ratings on Google and other review platforms. With a clear vision, unmatched passion, and a commitment to continuous improvement, Thomas Duff continues to lead MasterTech Environmental into a successful future in the restoration industry.

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