Distressed Property Cleanup Cherry Hill New Jersey

Do you have a mess that you don’t think can be cleaned up? The fact is that some messes are simply too big for a regular house cleaning service to tackle. Because of this, there are professional cleaning services that have been trained to manage even the worst cases of clutter and filth in a … Read more

Professional Hoarding Cleanup Process

Hoarding is not just drama created for television. It is a very real issue that more people than you realize suffer from. Hoarders typically pack their homes with so much stuff that it starts to interfere with daily function and maintenance. This creates a very dangerous and unsanitary environment for the hoarder and any occupants … Read more

Helping Hoarders | The Severity of Hoarding & The Importance of a Proper Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding- Compulsive behavior characterized by the excessive acquisition of objects and the extreme resistance to discarding any of the objects due to a perceived need to save them. If you recently discovered a loved one’s hoarding compulsion, you might find that helping hoarders can be difficult. Those suffering from the compulsion become highly distressed at … Read more

Distressed Property Cleanup South Jersey

Are you faced with a mess that you think is beyond cleaning? The truth of the matter is, some messes are just to much for a standard house cleaning company to handle. That is why there are specialized cleaning companies that are specifically trained to safely and effectively handle the most extreme of clutter and … Read more

Inheriting A Hoarder Home

Inheriting The Home Of A Hoarder in South Jersey Inheriting a home can be hard. The process of inheriting a hoarder home is even more difficult. Hoarding is a mental disorder that involves holding on to unnecessary items and developing emotional attachments to these items. Hoarders have an extremely difficult time parting with these things, … Read more

Hoarding Sanitization Services – A Closer Look At The Hoarding Cleanup Process

Hoarding is beyond just a collection of a lot of junk. Tackling that seemingly endless amount of stuff in a hoarder’s home is often the first priority. However, there are several other issues that will need to be addressed along the way. Junk removal is merely one component of the bigger picture. Hoarding situations often … Read more

The Health And Safety Risks of Hoarding in South Jersey Homes

Hoarding is a very real condition that affects more people than you may know. Often times, hoarders battle the compulsion in silence and behind closed doors. Meanwhile, without a word to family or friends, their lives are unraveling bit by bit as the stuff just piles up. Hoarding is compulsion characterized by the extreme collection … Read more

Professional Hoarding Cleanup – More Than Just Junk Removal

More Than Just Junk Removal Imagine opening the door to your loved one’s house and coming face to face with just seemingly infinite piles of junk, garbage and debris covering every inch of the home. What do you do? Uncovering a distressed property or a hoarding situation is a stressful discovery. We often hear stories … Read more

The Dangers of Cleaning Hoarding On Your Own

Hoarding is a serious problem that impacts many more individuals than you may realize. Hoarders frequently fight the impulse in secrecy and behind closed doors. Meanwhile, their lives are disintegrating piece by little as the junk builds up, and they haven’t said a word to relatives or friends. Hoarding is a compulsion defined by an … Read more

The Truth About Hoarding Cleanup

The Reality Of Hoarding  Hoarding is not something that you just see on television. It is a very real, debilitating condition that affects more people than you may realize. Oftentimes, individuals struggling with hoarding tendencies tend to keep their struggle behind closed doors while the filth piles up. Hoarding is a compulsion characterized by the … Read more

Hoarding Facts

Hoarding Across America It is estimated that approximately 6% of the United States population (about 19 million Americans) are hoarders, and the numbers keep growing. Most do not understand the concept of this. You can live a messy lifestyle without qualifying as a hoarder. It crosses a line into hoarding when the behavior interferes with … Read more

Hoarding Cleanup Dangers – Leave It To the Professionals

Hoarding is a very real and very serious compulsion that is far more than just a dramatization seen on television. Hoarders are incredibly skilled at masking their hoarding behavior and maintaining seemingly normal, well put together lives outside of their home, in the presence of others. There is a great deal of underlying shame that … Read more

Cat Hoarding Cleanup in New Jersey

Cat Hoarding in NJ Properties Cat hoarding can often be a health and safety hazard for the hoarder, the cats and other humans who may be exposed to the unsanitary environment. The combination of feces, urine and filth buildup can develop into a matter of public safety if the issues goes unaddressed for an extended … Read more

Hoarding Cleanup Of A Rental Property In New Jersey

Hoarding– Compulsive behavior characterized by the excessive acquisition of objects and the extreme resistance to discarding any of the objects due to a perceived need to save them. Hoarding is a serious condition that affects more people than you realize. The main reason being that hoarders are typically very good at concealing the compulsion. Hoarders … Read more

Animal Hoarding NJ – Impact of Animal Hoarding & Professional Hoarding Cleanup Services

What is Animal Hoarding? Hoarding is characterized by the compulsion to acquire objects in excess and the extreme resistance to discarding any of the objects due to a perceived need to save them. What sets a hoarding situation apart from collection or clutter is the impact that the accumulated objects have on the hoarder’s day-to-day … Read more

New Year, Same ‘Ol Clutter – Decluttering Tips & Tricks

With a new year comes a revived motivation to better all aspects our daily lives. Every year, when that clock strikes midnight, signaling the passing of the last minutes of December 31st, we all make our vows for the year to come– loose weight, save more money, be more adventurous or whatever it may be. … Read more

Hoarding Safety Hazards – The Safety Hazards of an Over Cluttered South Jersey Home

Hoarding, A Very Serious & Very Real Compulsion In recent years the general public has become more aware of hoarding than ever before, thanks in part to shows such as A&E’s Hoarders and TLC’s Hoarding: Buried Alive. Viewers watch in both horror and fascination of how much debris a single person can possibly accumulate in one single home behind closed … Read more

Hiring a Professional NJ Hoarding Cleanup Company

Whether you have just discovered a loved one is struggling with a hoarding issue, or you have just come to terms with your own hoarding compulsion, cleanup can be a major challenge and a serious undertaking. During a cleanup, the clutter itself can be physically overwhelming AND emotionally overwhelming. Adding to that, when it comes … Read more

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