Hoarding Cleanup Of A Rental Property In New Jersey

Rental Property Hoarding Cleanup NJ

Hoarding– Compulsive behavior characterized by the excessive acquisition of objects and the extreme resistance to discarding any of the objects due to a perceived need to save them.

Hoarding is a serious condition that affects more people than you realize. The main reason being that hoarders are typically very good at concealing the compulsion. Hoarders often lead very normal day-to-day lives around others and present themselves in a relatively orderly manner that would not allude to such a cluttered home life. Additionally, hoarders tend to be very secretive or protective of their home and will go through great lengths to avoid inviting people into their homes or allowing others to see what is really going on behind closed doors. Whether their desire to hide the hoarding is driven by shame of judgement or driven by fear of losing all the stuff, the excessive clutter is often kept private for an extended period of time, allowing more and more accumulation of stuff.

Handling Rental Property Hoarding Cleanup In South Jersey

cleaning up after a hoarderHoarding can lead to various problems and hazards. Some of these problems may even be considered a public safety issue, especially in a rental property where multiple parties have stake in the property. Health and safety hazards associated with hoarding are often the side effect of the excess clutter and the hoarder’s inability to cleaning and maintain the home. The hazards associated with hoarding behavior can render a rental property uninhabitable, begin to affect neighboring tenants and put other residents in danger. Whether you are the property manager or the tenant trying handle the hoarding cleanup of a rental property, let the professionals help. Dealing with the hoarding cleanup of a rental property can be physically and mentally taxing without the proper assistance from the right trained professionals.

Rental property hoarding cleanup can mean coming into contact with various bacteria and dangerous contamination that might have built up over time with the clutter. Additionally, cleanup can mean uncovering countless maintenance problems that might have been masked by the hoarded possessions. Professional distressed property cleanup technicians in New Jersey have the necessary personal protection gear, cleaning equipment, training and experience to safely remove the clutter, disinfect all surfaces and deodorize the space to restore safe and livable conditions.

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Rental Property Hoarding Cleanup– The Property Managers

In recent years, various television shows have been released that depict the very dramatic and shocking compulsion of hoarding. While watching the events unfold on television is both disturbing and entertaining, it becomes all too real when you discover a tenant, in real life, might be hoarder. It can be a rather overwhelming discovery. As a property manager, you are likely well prepared to come across some homes that will be messier than others; however, in some cases of extreme hoarding, there is no way to prepare for such a shocking discovery.

hoarding contamination Again, one of the key reasons why the hoarding gets so out of hand in the first place is that hoarders are notoriously private. Often times, hoarders make the model tenant when they first move in– they keep to themselves, they pay rent on time and they make little to no requests from property managers (especially requests that will require access into their home). As a result, property owners or property mangers typically don’t find out about a tenant’s compulsion until an emergency takes place, maintenance needs to make repairs, or a neighbor complains. And by then, the situation is likely already out of hand.

If, for whatever reason, you are left to deal a tenant’s rental property hoarding cleanup, you should proceed with caution. In addition to the excess clutter, there might be underlying problems and hazards to be aware of. Cleanup on your own can prove to be physically challenging, extremely stressful, and potentially unsafe. If you are a property manager in need of a hoarding cleanup, you should contact a professional hoarding cleanup company in New Jersey for proper assistance.

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Rental Property Hoarding Cleanup– New Jersey Tenants

As a tenant in New Jersey, you have certain responsibilities to maintain your rental home. If you are battling a hoarding disorder, proper home maintenance becomes extremely difficult. Excessive clutter, filth buildup and property damage can render a property uninhabitable, possibly affect neighboring residents and can become a matter of public safety. Depending on the terms of your lease, your hoarding behavior could be leading to a breech of your leasing contract, and you might face eviction if a property manager discovers your living conditions.

Whether you are a tenant that is ready to come to terms with your disorder or you are a tenant with no choice but to clear out your hoarded clutter, cleanup can be extremely stressful, emotionally traumatic and physically demanding. Cleanup can be a big undertaking for a hoarder– aside from the physical challenges that such a major cleanup presents, the emotional attachment to the possessions can be tremendously difficult to overcome without help. You should not tackle a major hoarding cleanup on your own. There are hoarding cleanup experts throughout your New Jersey area ready to help with your cleanup, let the professionals help.

Whether you are a property manager, landlord or tenant dealing a rental property hoarding cleanup, Mastertech Environmental is here to help. Mastertech’s hoarding cleanup team in New Jersey has the necessary training and experience to safely and discretely return the property back to safe and livable conditions. 


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