Professional Hoarding Cleanup Process

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Hoarding is not just drama created for television. It is a very real issue that more people than you realize suffer from. Hoarders typically pack their homes with so much stuff that it starts to interfere with daily function and maintenance. This creates a very dangerous and unsanitary environment for the hoarder and any occupants of the space. Cleanup of a hoarder’s property often requires professional assistance due to the sheer difficulty of the task and potential safety hazards. The hoarding cleanup process can become incredibly complicated due to the physically difficultly, the safety hazards, the health concerns and the emotional stress.

Professional Hoarding Distressed Property Cleanup Services in South Jersey

extreme-hoarding-cleanup-njVery rarely is cleanup initiated by the hoarder. Often times, it is family or friends who push for that first step towards cleanup of the property. But regardless if you are the hoarder coming to terms with your compulsion or if you are a loved one assisting in the process, it is important to understand that an effective cleanup is a very involved process due to the physical difficulty, the safety risks and the overall emotional stress of the situation. It is important to proceed with caution and avoid underestimating how big of challenge it may be. In cases of extreme hoarding, it is advised to consult a hoarding cleanup company in New Jersey for professional assistance.

Cleanup of a distressed property in New Jersey like that of a hoarder means more than just throwing out some junk, wiping down some counters and vacuuming. Hoarding situations lead to a variety of sanitation concerns, safety risks and maintenance problems.

  • Sanitation Concerns: Day-to-day cleaning and home maintenance becomes exceedingly difficult as the the hoarder continues to bring more things into the home.
  • Safety Risks: The safety hazards involved with hoarding in New Jersey includes, but is not limited to, fire hazards, lack of egress, injury risks and health risks.
  • Maintenance Problems: The clutter makes it nearly impossible to properly conduct the necessary maintenance assessments throughout the home. There is often a myriad of underlying maintenance issues involved with hoarding (i.e: leaks, broken appliances, etc.).


A Closer Look at What is Involved With The Hoarding Cleanup Process

The ultimate goal the hoarding cleanup process is to restore a safe and livable environment. Professional hoarding cleanup technicians have the necessary equipment, cleaning agents and personal protection to properly complete a safe and effective cleanup. Cleaning technicians must undergo extensive technically training and safety training. The following is a closer look at what to expect out of the hoarding cleanup process:

  1. Containment- Create critical containment chamber / barrier around affected areas.
  2. Cover & Protect- Cover & protect HVAC and electrical components.
  3. Air Filtration- Install temporary HEPA-filtered air filtration devices and hydroxyl generators as needed during the cleanup process to maintain safe and clean indoor air quality.
  4. Contents Removal- All non-permanently affixed items, like furniture and belongings, will be removed and either discarded or stored based on salvage-ability and the Client’s preference.
  5. Remove non-salvageable building materials- With the approval of the Client, all non-salvageable building materials will be effectively removed and properly disposed of.
  6. Cleaning & Disinfection- All accessible and salvageable building materials like flooring, walls and/or ceilings will be treated with a broad-band disinfectant and properly cleaned.
  7. HEPA-vacuuming- HEPA vacuum remaining building materials in all areas.
  8. Physical Cleaning- Clean, scrub and wipe remaining building materials and fixtures.
  9. Odor Control & Minimization-  Hydroxyl and/or ozone generators will be used as needed to mitigate and/or minimize odors. An application of broad-band odor neutralizing products to remaining building materials may be necessary to achieve desired deodorization.


If you or a loved one is in need of professional hoarding cleanup services, Mastertech Environmental can help. Our specially trained team provides the safest and most effective cleanup services possible by following a strict hoarding cleanup process. Our cleanup technicians in New Jersey have the necessary equipment and training to effectively restore the property to safe and livable conditions. Our team is trained to follow strict safety standards and will utilize appropriate personal protective gear and respiratory protection throughout the hoarding cleanup process.


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